Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Goes 4 Gold

Xbox Live subscribers of Gold distinction can enjoy the Xbox 360 Left 4 Dead 2 demo as of right now. The 1.69GB demo is yours for downloading from Xbox Live Marketplace.

Second-class Xbox Live Silver members will have to wait another week to get their hands on the Left 4 Dead sequel. But if you don't already have a Gold subscription, Left 4 Dead 2 probably isn't your thing. What are you going to do? Play single-player again and again? Let's be serious.

The tiny taste of Left 4 Dead 2 features gameplay set in The Parish campaign, offering a preview of the game's new melee weapons and Special Infected.

The PC version of the demo is still listed as "available now for those who pre-ordered via Steam or at participating retailers," which may change any second now.


    I can honestly say I don't care after seeing the differences between the original and our butchered version.

      yeah it dropped off my care radar when it didn't include things that were seen even in the original Left 4 Dead.

        I believe it's the german version of the demo. The aussie censored version will surely not be as censored. It'll be at L4D1 level, probably.

          L4D1 was not censored in AU.
          L4D2 AU version is the same as GER.

      I have to agree with you, Michael. I gave L4D1 a try the other week, and it was fun.

      I seriously do not think any Australian gamer will purchase the localised version.

      Seriously, as well as content being removed, we also have to pay more for less.

    Same here. It looks like a cool game, but it's one that's not on my must have list.

    I'm going to get it, basically because I reckon there's enough people who will manually change their game version to the international version to warrant some Australian dedicated (non-official) servers.

      You can play on Aussie servers using the 'uncensored' Aussie version..

      We were playing campaign on Internode last night.. its the same story as the US servers.. full gore for all those with undeited.. no special infected after a cut Aus version joins..

      So for campaign at least if you are playing with mates that are using the censorship removed version you can all quite happily join a AUS server and play totally uncut..

    All i can say is thank god i got the Import version via steam...

    I cant beleive anyone would even buy this game in its current status... Not worth the bandwidth even loading the stores page about it..

    Sadly on PC the normal edition Australian servers are dieing out to cope with those which switch to 510 and apparently they are going to patch the 510 fix and imports, though this is speculation due to me not recieving a edit and others claiming to have already seen this edit.

    It would be interesting to see any gamer that would not like the unedited version.
    Kotaku ... It would be great to see you start an online partition to get Australia an R+ rating.
    Similar to the 'Getup' campaign vouching against internet censorship,
    It's really up to the gamers to get something together.
    I don't think comments on a message board do Australia any justice.

    When i tried to download the demo on live it said it wasn't available in my region, will it ever be available in australia (the demo, i know the real thing will be)

    ok, change that i was using the site, not the xbox

    played the l4d2 demo on the xbox just then, its been butchered hard, goin back to original l4d.

    But if you don’t already have a Gold subscription, Left 4 Dead 2 probably isn’t your thing. What are you going to do? Play single-player again and again? Let’s be serious.



    after playing the demo, i'm definitely not buying this game here. i waited 1 year for this sequel and this censored crap is not worth it.

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