Left 4 Dead 2 Still Alive, Parties Like It's 2007

If you're the kind of person to grit their teeth and clench their fists at even the thought of one more over-played Portal reference, it might be best to give this Left 4 Dead 2 clip a miss.

Still with us? Watch, as Valve bunny-hop over a very small shark with the inclusion of Portal theme song "Still Alive" in the upcoming zombie shooter.


    You have no idea how late you are. Also listen to Re:eat your brains.

    portal was awesome

      wait was that found in the demo???

    Should have made it like the Fonz. Whack the jukebox and it starts playing

    We probably don't get the Portal easter eggs in the Australian version.

    That damn song was the ONLY good thing about Portal.

    When I first saw this, I thought "Oh goodie, the easter Egg must be that there's blood at some point in the game."

    I was mildly disappointed.

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