Left 4 Dead Adds 4v4 Competitive Matchmaking, Demo Expands

You loved it in Team Fortress 2, you asked for it, and today, Valve delivered, finally adding support for 4v4 competitive matchmaking to Left 4 Dead.

Can't fault their timing; just as people are about to abandon the first game en masse to pick up the sequel. Ah well. Better late than never, eh?

In related Left 4 Dead news, the Left 4 Dead 2 demo, which was previously restricted to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, is now open to silver subscribers too. Have at it, hoss.


    So, is this Survivors vs survivors? Because the first thing I think of when someone says "4v4 competitive" in L4D is Versus.

      It's just for two teams of 4 people to be able to host a game without having random people pop into the lobby while waiting for the slowcoaches in your team.

    I must say, it is a bit too late now, though it's still something for the people that have not/will not buy L4D2.

    Darn. Read the headline "L4D2 Demo Expands" and thought "cool they've added another map portion to the demo"... Until I read the actual article :(

      Anymore and they'd might as well give you the game.

    And does the 360 full version now have the ability to play P2P, or do we still have to have all Australian games run from a Californian-based dedicated server, leading to high-ping games?

    Which is plain stupid, because the L4D demo used P2P hosting, and works fine.

    I'm not buying the sequel. Too much, too soon, and I've got a copy of L4D that I don't use because of the server hosting issue.

      I've got L4D, which I don't play as much as I'd like to to the idiotic ping issues. Halo was one of the original 360 titles, and that gave us the option of only searching for games with good pings (usually ending up playing others in the region) why can't L4D or L4D2 do this?

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