Left 4 Dead Campaigns Now (Unofficially) Work In Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 fans longing not for Francis, Bill, Zoey and Louis but for Dead Air, No Mercy, Death Toll and Blood Harvest have one more reason to go for the PC version of the zombie apocalypse shooter.

Industrious Left 4 Dead modders have devised a not-exactly-simple workaround to bring the original game's four campaigns into the sequel. The very unofficial, multi-step hack requires ownership of Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, ample patience and better than basic knowledge of editing PAK files. But, hey, it works.

Well, it mostly works. The list of issues includes numerous crashes, limitations and a dependency on console commands, but if you're desperate to play No Mercy with Spitters and baseball bats, you now have the option. Will Valve offer a sanctioned version of this? At the risk of pissing off the Left 4 Dead owner further, we sure hope it does.

How to Resurrect the Original Left 4 Dead [L4D Mods]


    Actually, I miss Bill, Francis, Luis and Zoey more than the old campaigns haha.

    There is a better way, you just need to convert it into a model as you would Garry's mod, then export. Though mappers are currently trying to fix a few of the problems, such as random rave zombies (their models glitch, so their clothing goes glowstick coloured) and implementing the L4D2 weapons into the old campaigns, this fix mainly stops all the crashes due to it being slightly more stable, this is all that can really be done until the L4D2 SDK comes out (if it ever does, though knowing Valve it most likely will, if pushed hard enough).

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