Lego Indiana Jones 2: You Won't Like How This Ends

The finale from Raiders of the Lost Ark, as interpreted by Lego Indiana Jones 2, has been posted and, unlike the witty rendering of the Nepal shootout, this one's sanitised to the point of condescension. Disco-dancing replaces face-melting. Yes, really.

I get that this is a family title, and blood or gore would be inappropriate, gratuitous or otherwise. But seriously, the wrathful spirit makes the Nazis line-dance? Really? They got permission for cartoon violence in the rating, can't it just, I dunno, blast them into several pieces? Maybe a ginormous Lego spirit who comically stomps them flat? Do something funnier than this? Wow. Some payoff.

Lego Indiana Jones 2 [CBS via VG247]


    Don't look Marion! Close your eyes!

    Giant Pythonesque Lego Foot squashing them would've been win.

    But yeah....disco dancing? Great -.-

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