Let's All Play Modern Warfare 2

Yep, we know you're all experiencing problems with the new matchmaking system built into Modern Warfare 2. Maybe it's working OK for US gamers, but it has been a nightmare for any Aussies trying to join a game without being killed by lag. So what to do?

Until Infinity Ward comes up with a better solution, your best bet is to create private matches filled exclusively with fellow Aussies. But maybe not everyone has a friends list long enough to do this whenever you want to play. So let's help each other out.

In the comments below, I want you to leave your relevant gamertag or ID on whichever platform(s) you play. Hopefully we can make it just that little bit easier to enjoy shooting each other in the face.

Note: I'll leave this post pinned to the top of the front page all day. Or longer, if it proves really popular. all weekend.


    David Wildgoose, you are a beautiful person.

    I don't have it yet, but I'm getting it on Sunday for PC, and my Steam ID is "Gorstrom".

    Sounds good. I'd like a few lag free matches.

    Gamertag: JRG Payne

    Are you referring to the PC or 360/PS3 versions? I've been playing the 360 version and I haven't come across any lag.

      Yes? No? Huh?

        "your relevant gamertag or ID on whichever platform(s) you play"

          So everything then. I see. Hmm, that sucks. I'm glad I haven't experienced yet.

      I haven't played my 360 version yet so I couldn't tell you. But it seems others have no issue with it in this comment list. And I've only been playing Spec Ops on my PS3 version so I dunno about that either. @fourzerotwo has mentioned some issues patches with PSN though.

    Bovinedeath PS3

    I am playing it on PC and I havnt had any real lag problems at all. A coupla times I have been shoved into a server thats been a bit laggy so I have just quit and rejoined another game and it has put me in a server with full green bars. But yeah, I have only had to do that mebe 3 or 4 times.

    Good idea, maybe a template would make things clearer?

    PSN: EzyLee
    CITY: Canberra

    GT: The Last Eskimo
    (Xbox 360)

    Xbox360 JCHenderson

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll add dedicated server support back in with a patch. Otherwise I'm probs gonna pass on the multiplayer for MW2. If nothing else the single player should prove entertaining, even if only for a short while.

    360: SeijinAxeman
    PSN: SeijinAxeman
    I'll be on ALL weekend!

      Due to a mistake at EB games I ended up with it on both consoles. So I'm ok to play on either platform.

    PLATFORM: Xbox 360
    TAG: SniperSnake69
    CITY: Melbourne

      Josh Woodward
      Gamertag: Woodymolineux

      Gotta say I feel really left out as an Australian because of this, the best selling game ever and it doesn't even include a matchmaking option present in ever so many other games. Even if the functionality was there and didn't do anything, like a placebo, I'd be happier.

    I'm playing on pc and I've had TERRIBLE latency issues with rubber banding left right and center :(

    This is a good idea - only way to play it on consoles...

    steam: stin89

    I agree, it's a good idea EzyLee
    Platform: PS3
    PSN: sleepy_andy
    City: Melbourne

    We all complained about it. We all begged, pleaded petitioned and someone sent money and now it happened, exactly as we were worried it would.

    Has anyone contacted Activision so they can give us some bogus absolution and suggestions worse that what WildGoose has said?

    I would love to hear what they have to say to australian gamers. Given we paid through the teeth for this title, which was said to offer superb multi player, which is unplayable.

    awesome idea, I rage quit after 45 mins of fail

    GT: Drajkhan

    stuart jarvis
    psn = chapt81
    city melbourne

    CasualPidgeons psn

    GT: idomeneus

    Let me know you are from Kotaku if you are adding me, so I don't ignore you.

    G'day mates, Add me on the Xbox 360 : jaksbrooks


    Aussie here. Playing the 360 version all night..no lag what so ever.

    David, just use your special Kotaku powers to put a banner on the top of the site that says "INFINITY WARD HATES ANYONE WHO ISN'T AMERICAN".


      Yeah, the single player campaign makes that abundantly clear (Brits excepted).

    PSN x7murderedcrows

      AussieSloth 68 Also go to this forum and leave a comment its over 700 post it may not achieve anything but it wont hurt trying.


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