Let's Take Another Look At Aussie Left 4 Dead 2 Edits

Sick of seeing just how Valve has butchered the Australian version of Left 4 Dead 2 to placate the censors? Of course you aren't. Yes, let's take another look.

In this IGN AU clip, you'll see: corpses vanishing before their ragdoll death animations have concluded; heads remaining perfectly intact despite a machete slicing straight through them; corpses disappearing into concrete; flame retardant zombies; and infected miraculously blinking out of existence a fraction of a second before being killed by an explosion.

It is a travesty.


    The censorship does not give Valve carte-blanche to do a half @$$ed work.

    BTW: In House of the Dead Overkill you do get to blow limbs and see zombies on fire.

    The travesty continues

      and why should vavle pay to metiulously cater to one countries needs?

      they had three choices here:

      1. censor the game properly: probably delaying the AU ship date significantly and costing more than they get back in australian units sold. assuming they get the balance right the second time round and dont have to go back and further censor it again.

      2. dont sell the game in australia: other games have done it before, Valve make their money from australians who import the game(its region free) or that use digital distribution, less than retail sales but with zero hassle.

      3. do a quick fix for the game: its not pretty but it gets though the ratings board in time for global release date. its neutered but its better than late, or never.

        They'd be wasting their money anyway, like anyone's going to buy it from the store.

        I see your point. Maybe doesn't make business sense for them.

        Yet I find this insulting, I mean there is a minimum of quality you're entitled to when you play premium price for a game.

        It does not affect me as I dont buy censored games - I just import, Its a matter of principle.

        I wish the rest of Australian gamers would refrain from buying this game. Yet Boycots just never get traction.

    There's a reason they gave the edited version 5.0.

    You know, IGN who's official rating scale starts at 7.

    I dont get it. Realistic zombies? what about RE4? Or RE5? Hell zombies are people too!

      According to EA's representative who fronted the review board, Zombies are not and never have been human. I don't know how he works this out, but seems the board didn't fall for it.

      I think the rating board said for RE5 it was within the range of acceptance because they were black zombies.

    And in MW2, I can actually shoot unarmed civilians who are bleeding out crawling across the floor. In the next set, I get to see my driver's brains splattered across the inside of the car in lovely pink chunks. BUT GOD FORBID I SET A "RABIES INFECTED HUMAN" ON FIRE!

    If you're in QLD or google up a QLD address and sign this petition to have R18+ games in QLD.


      Because online petitions really really really work - I don't care that it is at the official website you want changes it takes written snail mail pleas to your local representatives - not bitching and moaning on the forums.

      ACB banned this game to try and get people fighting for their rights but it looks like the Australian public is just as lazy and useless as Micheal Atkinson thinks we are thus he can continue to do as he pleases because f**ktards are too useless to pick up a pen or walk into a Ministers office and make themselves known.

      You have to be counted means you have to show them you exist a real living person with a real name and postal address that can be seen on a Voting register has more weight politically then 1000 petitions ever will because they know you are a real vote and are serious.

      Wish people would grow the f**k up and learn to represent themselves better.

        If you really want to make a change don't dismiss every chance that is given. This poll may work it may not. However the great thing about these petitions are is they have a name and a postcode to link you to.

        @Cymelion - you sir, get one big gold star. Couldn't put it better myself

    If you want R18+ ratings. Pray that Michael atkinson gets cancer and dies or something. Because as along as hes in power. There wont be any R18+ rating NO MATTER HOW MANY PETITIONS ARE SIGNED.

      Or conversly South Australian's could just not vote Labor. I think even Liberals have flagged they are willing to support an R18+ for games...

        The Liberals would be supporting R18 if it means they'll get more votes. Though so far everyone is comfortable with Atkinson, and are willing to vote someone else and be afflicted by change.

    Is anybody actually insane enough to buy the mutilated Australian version?

    If you are you are effectively saying yes I like censorship and shitty resulting games.

    Dont buy it, call the distributor, call the ofcc complain complain complain.

    Demand R18 rating and NO Cencorship.

      Or you could just buy it, edit 2 text files, and have the uncut version?

        But as only you would really know that you uncensored your version you are still sending a message with your cash to the retailers and the government (through taxes) saying "I WILL buy a censored product, no need to change the law"

    This video is simply embarrassing. All the R18 shenanigans aside, the edits made to accommodate a classification have resulted in the game looking like a half-finished joke. Paying for this is borderline absurd.

    i actually dont mind any of that, the only annoying thing for me is that when i kill a charger that is charging at me, he dissapears. Its like a cock tease D:

    Wow I had no idea our version was so gimped. I went quarters with some american friends and got the uncensored. If this crap was the only version available to me, I wouldn't be playing it at all.

    So glad i got the uncut version. thank u to the internet for letting me import and for working ways around steam so i can get these games that someone says " even thou your an adult and over the age of 30 u cant have this game because it's to gory" F U i say to the australian goverment we can make our own decisions.

    Oh well. Should I get it for PC, there's always Play-Asia.

    Aren't you all forgetting the most amazing comparison?


    You can decapitate zombies in any way, shoot off any limb or make their heads explode, they do not fade away unless your graphics settings are as set for performance>quality, there are numerous spatters of blood over everything, including the survivors models.

    I can understand Valve over-censoring to ensure it getting through by the release date, but damn.

    Personally I don't care, I bought my copy through a VPN and got the uncensored UK version. See you all down south!

    Umm, i did the edits as posted for the demo, on my full version.
    No more cencored version, it was pathetically easy.

    That doesn't look too bad actually. The ragdolls make it seem realistic enough.

    I bought my copy from the UK website behind a VPN using a random UK address. Have been having tons of fun playing the uncensored version.

    Why must you do this to us Mr. Wildgoose? Remind us of painful memories?

    Why must you make us hate?

    The Queensland State Government is offering an online petition for potential R18+ games classification (QLD only).
    If you live in Queensland, here's your chance to have your say on the issue.

    The Queensland State Government is offering an online petition for potential R18+ games classification (QLD only).


    If you live in Queensland, here's your chance to have your say on the issue.

    HA! This even more hilariously awful than what I had hoped. I guess this what Valve gets for being such dicks.

    If you need me i'll be off blowing the heads, arms and legs off raiders and mutants in Fallout 3.

    Step 1: Tell everybody in Australia about the workaround

    Step 2: ???

    Step 3: VICTORY

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