"Look Out, He's Got A Piece!" — Half-Life 2 Mods Mario, Castlevania

From all-new video games to fabulous cakes, the Super Mario Bros. and Castlevania games get lots of makeovers from fans and developers alike. Here are two more machinima renditions to add to the list.

First up is the disorienting and somewhat upsetting Half-Life Super Mario Bros. I guess in a 2D world, a grey haze is all Mario would see for miles around on either side of his orange brick path. But I can't remember the last plumber I met that uses a crowbar. And guns? Really?

Next up is a Castlevania Half-Life 2 mod that makes a lot more sense in context. But it still has the inexplicable crowbar.

Both videos are brought to us by Machinima.com.


    Map=/=Mod less impressive as it is only a map, but it's all nice and stuff too.

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