LunchTimeWaster: Be The Running Man

canabalt picNot quite sure how I managed to not mention Canabalt on a previous LunchTimeWaster. But here it is, the greatest ever one-button game about running very fast.

In Canabalt you're on the run, across rooftops and through office buildings, smashing windows and scattering pigeons as you go. You run automatically, so the only thing required of the player is when to jump, timing your leap from one skyscraper to the next or vaulting over trashcans and air vents.

The only objective is to keep going without dying and see how far you get. How far can you get?

Canabalt [Adam Atomic]


    no im certain it has been mentioned, thats how i got it for iphone

    Wasn't it on a "Flash Friday"? Oh wait! I think one of the U.S. contributors mentioned it.

    i also remember seeing it on here.... must have been on the flash friday that dzc12 mentioned

    I paid $4 for this on the iPhone and its worth every penny.

    This game is all manner of amazing. For those with biiig monitors, the HD version is even moreso:

      But that's not a LunchTimeWaster! ;-)

    Best so far is 3134 metres, such a fun game, I like just seeing how fast I can go while still making jumps big and small.

    In the last kotaku post the writer mentions that after a shamefully long time they realise what they're probably running away from... I'll just leave that with you. Because I've totally already figured it out. >_>

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