LunchTimeWaster: Double-Click

clickplay pic 2Yesterday I got you to ClickPlay. Turns out that was actually the second ClickPlay. So today I'm going to get you to ClickPlay again with the first one.

No further explanation is required for anyone who Click(ed)Play yesterday. If you didn't, I'm sure you'll work it out as you go.

ClickPlay [NinjaDoodle]


    I found this one to be far less puzzle-like and more of a skill test with the mouse, unfortunately the star level is outside of my reach with my work mouse.

    Agreed. Some of it seems require both speed and accuracy with the mouse and with my work mouse at least, both of those are well below par.

    I found this one made firefox spaz out and drain my computer. It was almost unplayable by the 12th level, although everything going extremely slow did help me out...

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