LunchTimeWaster: I Just Headshot A Sheep

elona shooter picTake some tower defence, various elements from the Roguelike RPG, and then sprinkle some Duck Hunt over the top of it all. Also, you can shoot sheep in the head.

Elona Shooter tasks you with defending your castle from wave after wave of creatures. The Duck Hunt element comes in with the way you have to manually aim by guiding the crosshair over your targets with the mouse. It gets quite tricky with the swifter variety of creatures.

To help in the defence, you can upgrade your castle walls, recruit henchmen to increase your firepower and hire various workmen to repair the castle, or add bonuses to your experience or loot collected. You can also level up your character, bringing in new skills, and shop for a wealth of new weapons and modifications.

There's a Hardcore mode that autosaves to ensure you only ever get one chance, in true Roguelike style.

It all adds up to a surprisingly complex, rewarding and compulsive game.

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Elona Shooter [Kongregate]


    Fun little title, spent most of yesterday afternoon playing it after spotting the KotakuAU account giving it a go :)

    For what it's work, my username on Kongregate is "blahjedi"

    Don't Play it! It is far too addictive. I didn't get much exam study done with this one

      Listen to this man! This game seems to just go on forever! You'll need more than a lunchtime I can tell you this much...

    Oh my god, I accidentally clicked on this game about a week and a half ago cause it was in the new hot games section of kongregate and have lost SO much of my gaming time to it ever since.

    A BIG BIG BIG hint for new people is to focus on the awards available in the game because they offer unlockable bonuses for new characters.

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