LunchTimeWaster: It's Time To Crate

in another chateau picCrates are tremendously useful objects, even more so in video games. You can jump on them to reach inaccessible areas. You can break them to reveal loot. Which really is what games are all about. But what if you had a Crate Gun?

In Another Chateau (did you see what they did there?) is a typical platformer/puzzler where you must simply get to the exit on every screen. You can run and jump, but most of the time the next platform will be too high.

Lucky you have a Crate Gun, capable of spewing forth an unlimited number of square wooden boxes. You can then push these around, stacking them up, careful not to topple them over, and create new platforms to traverse the level.

Also, keep an eye out for - not the princesses - but the mesdemoiselles.

In Another Chateau [Armor Games]


    reminds me of another game from the "platforming crate genre" for the Amiga called Apprentice. You had to squish evil echidnas and cutesy mushrooms. Sounds lame but was quite the epic, bright and colourful adventure.

    Richard Wilkins would have given it 3 stars.

    I felt the story was its weak part.

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