LunchTimeWaster: Let's Play With Some Wet, Bouncing Balls

deflectorpool picI think I like what Deflectorpool is trying to do more than I like what it actually succeeds in doing. It's a frantic puzzle game with some neat ideas, but there's something missing.

You move a coloured ball, which is submerged under the water filling half the play area. Other balls drop into the water at a steady rate, occasionally bouncing off the plank floating in the centre of the screen. If you touch a like-coloured ball, you'll collect it for points; if you hold down the mouse button as you touch a different coloured ball, it will bounce off but you'll take on its colour. If a ball falls all the way to bottom of the screen, the water level rises, and it's game over when it overflows.

Things start fairly slowly, with just two colours making things readily manageable. But once a third is introduced, my brain struggled to adjust with juggling the necessary colours. It all gets a bit too frantic. Maybe you'll fare better?

Deflectorpool [Minijuegos]


    This put me in mind of the Megadrive for some reason. Pretty awesome game that would have been fantastic if released early 90s.

    The balls just keep falling!

    In my opinion it just seems to need a restart before the game gets harder again - the pink balls start coming down at a point where things are already too frantic to keep up with them.

    Also as interesting as it is to have Ikaruga style collect-the-colour in this form, the scoring component doesn't feel like something you have any control over as you're just desperately trying to survive all the time.

    I think the games pace needs to be lowered to allow for more conscious thought and not just click-hold-release, move, and then frantically wave the cursor around to keep the balls up instead of down. Early on I was trying to organise the balls to get higher score but that became completely irrelevant as things became too frantic to have time for thought.

    Once the pace comes down, higher scores may become achievable as players are able to find some form of organised chaos to get multipliers from.

    lots of fun for a lunchtime game.

    my strategy of hitting them all back out of the water and occasionally switching it up served me well and placed me into the top 10 scores.

    if i can manage that on my second game, i'm sure there are those with more time and less motivation to work than me who can do better.

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