LunchTimeWaster: Make Love, Not War

how my grandfather won the war picI'm rather confused by the metaphor at work here. I'd like to hear your interpretations.

How My Grandfather Won The War is an entry in the Casual Gameplay Design competition centred on the theme "Explore". It's presented as a side-scrolling shoot 'em up, and fans will spot plenty of visual references to genre classics such as R-Type.

But you don't shoot. Instead you have this spray that seemingly alters reality, turning fatal obstacles into harmless scenery: jagged rocks, for example, can be transformed into fluffy white clouds. The challenge is that, although this spray is unlimited, it needs to recharge a few seconds between use. You have to decide when its use is essential to progress and when you can just get by on weaving your way through.

What does it say about your grandfather though? Did he avoid the bombs or were they not really there in the first place? If the latter, then what of the war itself? Is he, in fact, a liar?

How My Grandfather Won The War [Jayisgames]


    Sounds like Ahmedinejad (spelling) was in on the development...

    If he's saying that wars are based on lies, then it's clever social commentary.

    Recommended reading: "War Is A Racket" by Major General Smedley Butler:

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