LunchTimeWaster: The Hardest Button To Button

clickplay picFew games are titled with such clarity as ClickPlay. The entire point is to click on the button labelled Play. Of course, it isn't quite so simple.

It's a twenty-screen puzzle game. Clicking on various objects or dragging them across the screen in the correct order will eventually reveal the Play button. Click on that to advance to the next puzzle. you should comfortably finish it before you've finished your sandwich.

ClickPlay [NinjaDoodle]


    I take it you need sound for the 19th level?

      Nevermind, totally missed some clues.

    1362 clicks, and I had to consult a walkthrough for the 2nd last level (level 23).

    Actually, that's ClickPlay 2. The original is at

      Hmm, I wonder what tomorrow's LunchTimeWaster might be...?

    Somewhat out of topic: Just noticed an ad for "9" (The Shane Acker movie) which came out on the 9/9 in the US and imdb says a next year release for Aus (even though Event cinemas say December now)

    As for Lunchtime wasters, it's an appropriate name, since I realised I'm eating lunch right now. (Woke up at like... 3 pm)

      9 was originally being distributed by Sony Pictures Australia who set a release date in Jan 2010. Madman have subsequently taken over and are releasing it on 9 Dec this year.

      Can't wait :)

        IMDB says Jan '10 coz I gave them that date as they didn't have one. I have given them a correction and the reason behind it but it looks like they haven't done anything about it yet.

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