LunchTimeWaster: Yes, Let's Play Pong Again

pwong 2 picPong is timeless. It's a cold-hearted gamer who cannot enjoy the fierce competition heralded by a serious Pong duel. But that's not to say Pong's simple mechanics cannot be improved upon.

Pwong 2 at least gives it a go, introducing multiple balls (often dozens at a time), an array of power-ups (many cribbed from Arkanoid, including sticky bats, larger bats, slow motion and even ammo that launches a bat up the screen clearing any balls in its way) and a total overhaul of the scoring system. You gain points when your opponent fails to return a ball, but lose them when you fail; the exact points varying depending on how many balls are currently on-screen.

You will be playing this all afternoon, trust me.

Pwong 2 [Kongregate]


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