Mad Catz Ships Its Own Wireless-N Adaptor

Mad Catz's Wireless-N Gaming adaptor is not only $US20 cheaper than Microsoft's own Xbox 360 adapter; it works on the PlayStation 3 as well.

Earlier this month, Microsoft released a Wireless-N network adaptor for the Xbox 360, bringing faster speeds to users who've up until now been stuck with 802.11g. Now Mad Catz is shipping its own adaptor with a suggested retail price of $US79.99 to Microsoft's $US99.99. The Wireless-N Gaming adaptor connects directly to your console's Ethernet port, allowing you to position it for the best possible. And since it uses an Ethernet cable, it can be plugged into the PlayStation 3 as well, giving PS3-owners a bit of a speed boost as well.

Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz commented, "With more HD entertainment content and online gaming being delivered via Xbox Live and PSN, we anticipate the need for Wireless-N gaming adapters will increase. Our Wireless-N adaptor allows Xbox 360 users to access the network wirelessly and for PS3 users to upgrade their wireless technology to the faster N standard."

I actually have my apartment wired, as I cannot stand the slow speed of wireless when compared to a direct connection, but for those of you averse to tripping over cables, this seems a fine way to go. The adaptor should be shipping to retailers in North America and key European territories as we speak.


    can i haz adapta in auztralia plz?

      Im on ur computr, importn som adaptaz, :-P

        oh. Hai. may b i shud stik with Cat 5 cablez? kthnxbai

    yer we need it in AUSTRALIA!!! the M$ one will be $150, thats too much, why cant they sell things here for what they sell them for in the US?

    a game in the us is $60USD, but here it is around $100-$110AUD, this is wrong because if they went by the exchange rate it would be around $64AUD.

    so by that calculation (which is accurate BTW) the M$ adapter should be $105AUD not the $150 i saw on Various web sites.

    I agree Josh about us getting ripped off as of late. But we are a smaller market compared to the US where their games are going to sell more.

    i agree that we are a smaller market and therefore prices are higher but how is the market meant to grow if half the country cant afford the games in the first place

    Actually screw the whole wireless idea. I just bought a Linksys Powerline Adapter and it totally kicks ass compared to the wireless. You can find other powerline adapters for the same price as the 360 wireless one. Plus it gives me 4-ports so I can hook up my 360 and my laptop and still have two prots left over for whatever I may need in the future.

      @RedFilter: Any change of a URL or model number please? It sound interesting but I wanna research the product to see if it will work in my house (ie: Electro Magnetic Noise problem).


        This is the model I purchased, but of course there are other brands.

    I'm so gonna get this thing. Time to import bro!

    Here's a big question, does the Mad Catz adapter need to be plugged into the console directly? Or can it be plugged into a switch (or router if one is going whole hog)?

    It would make life easier if the can be used with a switch (I have consoles clustered together on the one TV).

    nice, i was wondering if ps3 will ever get a better wireless.would love to get it, but dont have N router, and my speed is 1.5Mbps so it wont be that effective

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