Madden Arcade Has Three Balls, Ice Sculptures

Madden Arcade Has Three Balls, Ice Sculptures

As surmised, the additional linemen included in the Madden NFL Arcade rosters are part of another wacky powerup in the game. EA Sports put out a full list and gallery of the “gamechangers” for the downloadable title, due this week.

Pasta Padre called it earlier. "Entourage" brings in four offensive linemen for pass protection, no small deal considering you only get one (and a tight end) in this five-on-five shootout. The others include:

Triple Threat – Disguise which receiver you're throwing the ball by sending out two other decoys with the Power Ball game changer.

Bonus Play – Give yourself an additional down to help get in the end zone and earn some much deserved points with Bonus Play.

Make it, Take it - If you're good enough to score when you trigger Make It, Take It, the ball is yours to keep on the next possession.

Turbo – The Turbo game changer will send players in fast forward by giving them an extra speed burst.

Molasses – Game too fast for you? Use Molasses to take down the action on the field to a less frantic pace.

Fumbilitis – Turn your opponent's into butter fingers as they'll have a difficult time holding on to the ball with Fumbilitis.

It's Alive – Make any pass a scramble for the ball as its Alive will turn any incomplete pass into a live ball.

Frostbite – Put the freeze on one opposing player from moving by using the game changer Frostbite.

Fast Pass – Fast Pass gives the power to a QB to throw the ultimate bulleted pass.

Flying Blind – Sabotage your opponent by using Flying Blind to turn off their passing icons.

Flip Flop – Jealous of your opponents score? Flip Flop will nicely borrow the score and never give it back.

Dud – Hey, they can't all be winners.

Wow. Flip-flop looks like an egregiously douche move. Can't wait to try it.

Some of these sound like the old Madden and NCAA Football cheats. If you're nostalgic for those, the game is out on PSN on Tuesday and Xbox Live on Wednesday, both in time for the ultimate football powerup, that six-legged turducken monstrosity Fox Sports serves at the Lions game on Thursday.

Madden Arcade Power-Ups
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