MAG Now Allows For 256 Players

Sony's MAG, an online team shooter currently in beta, promised right out the gates that it would support 256 players. Sadly, while in beta, the game hasn't had anywhere near that many players. Will soon, though!

By the time you're reading this, the game's beta will have been upgraded to v1.46, which along with some balancing and a reduction in the size of the game's initial install, also finally unlocked the game's "full" multiplayer mode. Namely, the one that supports 256 players at once.

Those currently in the beta can try it out right now. If you are, and you do, drop us a line, let us know how it goes. Needless to say, we're curious.


    Planetside already did it, try harder next time guys!

    I have given up on MAG. The controls are rubbish and the game play is horrible compared to KillZone2 or Modern Warfare2.

    It would take me ages to build up my user profile since I only got the beta two weeks ago, which doesn't help you when you are playing against yanks who are level 30 - 40 and have been playing it for months :-(

    It has potential but I don't see it changing drastically

      it really blows.

    From scotts description it sounds like there is not a even playing field and that someone lvl 30-40 is gona have a big advantage over a new user?

    Meh wasnt to interested anyways.

      Yes and no, you cando alright at level one if you know the game, after a character reset and a week or two I came back to find my level 40 guy was deleted so I restarted as a different team, and some rounds I was still beating the level 40s for points. Alot of it comes to slight differences in weapons, the standard machine gun for example comes with 2 scopes unlocked for 2 points and 2 new guns for 3 and 5 points respectivly. As a level only gives you 1 unlock point, and items unlock in tiers, it can take awhile to get the better equipment. Pro tip first two things to unlock are the medic and resus kit\skill. A kill gives you 5 points, a resus gives you 15, 30 when in a frago zone, much easier way to level up quickly.

    Well im completely in love with MAG, the controls aren't that bad and can be changed to different settings anyway. The game really does use 128 player teams without overwhelming you by the command system whereby the 128 people are split into two army's/platoons both of which are comprised of 4 squads, they are then given specific instructions by there superiors such as "Secure Satellite up-link A" there are plenty of opportunities to have brilliant fun in MAG and i for one will be per-ordering it.

    As another note the level 20-30 people's only real advantage is a better gun/skills but a well placed grenade, turret fire, sniper, machine gun bullets or even just some good old knifing will take care of them quick smart.

    Im currently level 4 and easily compete with the higher level enemies so far i have thoroughly enjoyed the beta and can't wait to see the MAG world fully populated

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