Mass Effect 2 Collector's Edition Includes DVD, Book, Comic

Electronic Arts plans to ship a "limited quantity" of Mass Effect 2 Collectors' Editions when the space role-playing game hits the PC and Xbox 360 in late January.

The collector's edition will come in a tin case and include the game, a 48-page hardcover "Art of Mass Effect 2" book, Issue 1 of the Mass Effect Redemption comic book, and a bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes and making-of videos.

The $US69.99 edition of the game will also include unique in-game weapons and armour.

"We're really excited to roll out this Collectors' Edition featuring so many unique items, including special Collectors' Edition armour and weapons and content that will surprise Mass Effect fans," said Dr. Ray Muzyka, co-founder, BioWare and Group General Manager of the RPG/MMO Group of EA. "The limited edition comic book and bonus DVD will really enhance and expand the overall Mass Effect 2 experience."

I know that collector's editions have become the norm for most major game releases these days, but I still don't see the draw. Well, perhaps with the exception of Modern Warfare 2's night vision goggles.

Mass Effect 2 hits stores on Jan. 26 in North America and Jan. 29 in Europe for $US59.99.

Kotaku AU Note: We'll try to find out as soon as we can whether this limited edition will also be available in Australia. EA has confirmed the Mass Effect Collector's Edition will be available in Australia exclusively through EB Games. It will retail for $119.95 RRP.


    I remember last time australia did not get the collectors edition, only a pre-order bonus.

    wow i like the boxart

    I'm looking forward to this game a lot.
    I've come to expect a lot from a BioWare RPG. So there's this and Dragon Age on my plate now. So many damn games, and not enough time to review them all.

    If we do get it this time it will be an EB exclusive or something assholic like that.

    I wouldn't hold my breath for a collector's edition here.

    The best option (if it even remotely exists) is the game is released without region coding and just import the thing.

    Since its an EB exclusive i won't be getting it.

    It doesn't appeal to me anyway for the content, but still, EB put me off. Standard for from from JB which will sell it for $89.

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