Mass Effect 2's Elusive Man Is ... Martin Sheen?

Shepard confronts the behind-the-scenes puppeteer "Elusive Man" who blends the habit of Cigarette Smoking Man from The X-Files with the look of Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock — and the voice of President Bartlet from The West Wing.

Exclusive Illusive [sic]Man Gameplay [GameTrailers]


    Quick correction - it's 'Illusive,' as written in the Mass Effect novels, not 'Elusive.'

    Yeah and I am currently reading that book , Accession, and I have to say that guy they have created for the game looks nothing like the description that Drew Karpyshyn wrote. Someone should have read it first before designing him.

    The audio sounds out of place...

    anyone else notice the Illusive Man's eyes are huskish the same as Sarin's were? are we suppose to not notice that? makes me feel like sheperd is dumb.

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