Media Molecule: LBP Sequel Would "Fragment" Its Community

Media Molecule leaves little doubt it has no plans for any kind of a sequel to LittleBigPlanet, with a designer calling it "the most counterproductive thing you could do", in an interview with Critical Gamer.

"We'd never want to do that," said Danny Leaver, adding that a sequel would fragment the game's community. Producer Martin Lynagh said that the game's existing strategy of updates and DLC — and both have been robust enough — will be status quo.

"I think what you've seen so far from LittleBigPlanet, that's the way it's going to continue," Lynagh told Critical Gamer.

There's this and much more in an extensive interview, the first part of which was published today.

A LittleBigPlanet 2 Would Be "Counterproductive" Say Media Molecule [Critical Gamer via Evil Avatar]



    That's just spindoctor speak for 'We can't think of a decent way to do a sequel.'

    Simple fact is there are ways to do sequels, it's just that you don't do them for sequels sake. Wait until you NEED to do one, say, when a proper idea presents itself ala Mario64. For LBP, I would say something along the line of taking the game itself into the realm of 3d. Figuring out a way to do it in the third dimsension.

    Don't criticize them for not making a sequel. Its a good thing, the constant stream of free updates and dlc is amazing service. Putting LBP in the 3d world wouldn't work. The developer knows this and this is partly the charm of LBP. Hurray to Media Molecule!

      Read what I said. I said that it was only best to make a sequel when something truly revolutionary was done. As for taking LBP into 3d, it could be done, but not in its current incarnation. Games evolve, and the way the game plays right now, it's a 2d platformer, a great one, I used to own it until I sold my ps3, my son and I used to play LBP all the time.

      LBP would work very well in a 3d environment truth be told, the game itself is already 3d as is, just in a faux 2d setting. As I said, when they figure out a way to properly do a sequel, then do one, but as for this 'fragmenting the community' thing. Rubbish. It's a well known fact you'll get the fanboys who will whine and groan and then pick up the sequel anyhow.

    I'd say Little Big planet is still doing very well, and with the PS3 price drop they've probably sold a heap as a platinum title with all the new PS3's floating around out there now. All those new people are then potential sources of new content and of course revenue.

    They can wait until all those sales and activity begins to die before even looking at a sequel. However a sequel now would mean heaps of people would buy the sequel and the appeal of all the existing content would be lost, unless of course backward compatible, which while possible woudl still exclude current users of any new content created.

    I have a new respect for Media Molecule for taking this direction.

    not sure about respecting the company any more for this, lbp was just about the only ps3 exclusive game i'd want to play. i kind of wanted to atleast see it grow and perhaps go multi-platform, which obviously isnt going to happen now with no sequel plans, as it will just be adding to existing titles with updates etc.

      I'm pretty sure Media Molecule are a second party Sony developer, so I don't think there ever was a chance of LBP going multi-platform

    LBP is a toolkit game that has a heavy reliance on user made content. A sequel for this kind of game would be nothing more than an expansion pack filled with more puzzles, tools and items to play with; just like every Sims expansion pack. Right now for the games capabilities and size, some nice free dlc is all the game needs.

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