Meet Final Fantasy XIV's Gladiator & Pugilist

Final Fantasy XI stalwarts hotly anticipating starting the grind all over again in Square Enix's newest MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, have two more character class updates to pore over, the Gladiator and Pugilist.

The former specialises in swords and shields, specialising in close combat. The latter prefers to engage in even closer combat, using hand-to-hand fighting techniques complemented by cestus and claws, adding a little long distance with expertise in throwing implements like the chakram.

The FF XIV official site also has details on some of the MMO's weapons, all of which players can get their hands on sometime in 2010, after Square Enix gets Final Fantasy XIII out the door.


    So this is like a FF Tactics but mmo form? Sounds shiny.

      You should probably check out FF11, which has been running longer than WoW now.

        That is simply a lol, good response ^_^d

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