Meet Left 4 Dead 2's House Band, The Midnight Riders

If you've played through Left 4 Dead 2's second campaign, Dark Carnival, you're likely familiar with the music and pyrotechnic power of the chapter's fictional rock and roll band, the Midnight Riders. Well, they've got their own web site.

Shortly after the launch of Left 4 Dead 2, Valve launched the teaser site—seen on posters around Dark Carnival — for the tattooed biker band, offering little more than a portrait of the four-man group and a promise that something is "coming soon". What could that something be?

It could be nothing more than some fiction building, offering some background on the Midnight Riders and how they came to escape the events that transpired at the Whispering Oaks zombie infection. Graffiti scrawled on the wall's of Whispering Oaks' safehouses hint at the quartet escaping, buying their way into evacuation prior to playing their explosive set.

What we hope, however, is that we'll get to actually play the events that lead up to the Midnight Riders' escape, possibly in the form of downloadable content. With the chapter-to-chapter events more tightly linked than in the original Left 4 Dead, perhaps Valve is going to give a new group of Survivors a chance to tackle the zombie horde. Left 4 Dead 2's Versus mode could benefit from a shorter, Crash Course-length campaign.

And we hope that they come armed with new Midnight Riders appropriate melee weapons — bottles, bike chains, pool cues and flying V guitars. The four members have the unique silhouettes that would make them easy to pick out in an infected mob, so they may fit in nicely as new playables.

Of course, if they're just a group of special zombies, that'd be fine too. But we'll keep an eye on new developments, just in case anything pops up.

Midnight Riders [Official Site]


    I'm so sad we have the cut version.
    playing the demo was a dreadful experience.
    I want so badly to play this game as it was intended.
    Has anyone managed to get around this yet via importing or US steam accounts?

    living under a rock, cpt. pajama shark?

    - buy at uk store w/ changed steam location
    - set up a fake steam id and gift it to yourself
    - buy it a regionless cdkey from g2play

    any of these will get the gore going

    Its been out for 2 days... isn't it about time they announce Left for Dead 3??

      Isn't it about time the babies start to grow up and get over it. Since Valve actually supports their titles, Gives free dlc, is involved with the community. Just because the team wanted to do something different and create a second game. Why don't we all start complaining about the constant line ups of COD, or Sports games, or other crap series continuing games.

        I agree. Do we really need a new WWE game every year?? What about, ::hides:: a new CoD game every year?? I'm sure MW2 is great, but I passed on MW2 for L4D2. I enjoy having an online community or, mostly, mature people working together as a team who, mostly, use their mics. L4D2 FTW!!

        PS - I'm really not saying this to be an ass, but my sympathies to AU for getting cut versions of everything.

    @Chris Crowe, funny you should say that. In a recent interview with people from valve, they discussed the fact that l4d2 is not the last thing to be released in the l4d franchise and there is many more things they want to do, so we may see a l4d3.

    They should have asked Rob Zombie to do the sound track.

    The name says it all!

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