Megatron Can Smell Your Xbox Live Avatar, Boy

Megatron Can Smell Your Xbox Live Avatar, Boy

Cover your hideous meat-face with a collection of attractive and stylish robot heads today, as Activision releases a set of Transformers gear onto the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace.

I’m not sure how I can tie this together with Thanksgiving Day, so we’ll just mutter incoherently about turkey or something and move on to the main event. Transformers heads – 240 Microsoft points apiece. You’ve got hideous Michael Bay Megatron, slightly less hideous Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee, which I don’t have a picture for and will be too busy sleeping or eating by the time you read this to look for one. I’d imagine it is yellow.

Activision is also releasing a trio of t-shirts for both factions, along with a Transformers logo tee, each running 80 Microsoft points a pop.

Someone email me and remind me to buy a Transformer head tomorrow. This is something I believe I need.

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