Microsoft Denies "One Million Banned" Report

There are some out there who believe that during the recent wave of Xbox Live bannings, Microsoft kicked as many as one million people off their online service. It's a belief Microsoft execs do not subscribe to.

"We didn't release the number," Xbox Live GM Marc Whitten told VentureBeat. "I cannot explain to you why people would think it was a million people. It wasn't a million people".

So those who had money on it being one million, sorry. You're out. Until the cold day in hell Microsoft actually discloses the figures, though, those with money on it being 999,999 or 1,000,001, you're still in the running!

Microsoft's Xbox Live chief on banning modders and browsing Facebook photos on TV [VentureBeat]


    correction 20 million!!!

    I predict more than 1 million. Seems a little low to me.

    Over 9000 XBoxes.

    (no really, unless you have a legit reason to mod your XBox which I found rather tenuous to believe you've only got yourself to blame - doesntt matter if the number is 1 or 1 million.)

      Even if you DO have a reason to mod your Xbox, it's your own fault for taking it on Live when you get banned. The only reason you'd take a modded XBox online is either a) to cheat; or b) because you're nothing more than a pirate and wanted to play MW2 with your buddies without buying it.

    My father was always the cheap ass bastard and he encouraged me to modify all my consoles but I was never happy with this... never the shiny instruction manual or pretty plastic covers...

    The first number I heard was 600,000 - which is believable - but then people rounded up to a million.

    What's really funny is how hard it hit... almost everyone knew someone who is now banned.

    Everyone you speak to just says that they'll move to the PS3 or play their PS3 instead.

    In fact its generated so much uncertainty in parents that some are buying PS3's just to be sure they can avoid any issues.

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