Microsoft Kindasmashes Natal Launch Rumour

Microsoft Kindasmashes Natal Launch Rumour

Microsoft’s UK boss dismissed a report last week that Natal will be ready to go in November 2010, saying claims of pricing and available shipments were based on inaccurate rumours.

Neil Thompson, the UK chief, told that “We’re still very much in the baking on Natal and there’s a lot of things to get decided on it.” That goes for word that the unit would be either £50 (about $90) or even as low as £30 (about $54), with as many as 14 titles available at launch and five million units shipped. In the face of such specifics, which were said to come from Microsoft visits with developers, Thompson basically offered a general, “nuh-uh.”

“No. They weren’t accurate, they were rumours,” Thompson said of MCV’s report. “I’ve got nothing more to say about it. We’re still very much in the baking on Natal and there’s a lot of things to get decided on it.” says it will later have further in-depth interviews with both Thompson and Microsoft Europe boss Chris Lewis, but it doesn’t sound like either are going much further on this subject.

Microsoft Dismisses Natal Launch Rumours [ via GamersReports]


  • I never actually had the thought of how many will they ship on release. Considering 30 million have been sold (take away a few for RRoD) – i would expect around 5 million sold in first 3 months.

    I don’t know if its that big of a thing to sell 5 million in a month. If the pricing is right and the line-up is good. Perhaps. Especially if they integrated it with some already released games on Natal’s release.

  • I’ll be buying one anyway… but when I first heard the 50 pounds rumour I thought it was total BS.

    They may have been planning to flood the market, high volume low profits… which is what they did when the XBOX first came on the market, but I doubt that’ll happen.

    If they do put it out cheap, it’ll still wind up at around $250 Australian… I think.

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