Microsoft Refunds Dog Shopping Spree, Grants It Gamertag

Two weeks ago we broke the news about Kotaku reader Greg and his amazing, online shopping dog.

Today Microsoft let us know that they've refunded the money Greg's dog spent on Xbox Live and have granted the dog his own Gamertag.

"I saw you wrote a story on the guy whose dog bought Xbox LIVE points. People spend tens of billions of dollars on their pets every year, but it's pretty unusual for your pet to return the favour (except in love and tail wagging of course ). One lucky pet owner in Richmond, Virginia, though has a pet who really cares. Greg Strope's dog purchased 5,000 Xbox LIVE points while the guy slept. Luckily for Greg, Microsoft is refunding his LIVE points and providing extra for good measure. Plus he will get an extra controller and a LIVE subscription for his dog, Oscar. We also created a gamertag for Oscar so that he doesn't feel left out anymore!"

For those of you who missed it, Greg told Kotaku that he awoke a couple of weeks back to discover that his dog, Oscar, had managed to spend $US60 on Xbox Live while chewing up his Xbox 360 controller. At the time Greg said he was annoyed but hadn't bothered asking for a refund.

The story went on to make national news.

Oh, if you want to be Oscar the dog's only friend on Live his Gamertag is Oscar The K9. Go figure.


    That's cool of them - especially as from memory the guy's attitude was "sod, well shit happens" and he wasn't asking to be refunded. Well played all round.

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