Microsoft Starts Xbox LIVE Pilot Program

Microsoft has officially kicked off its Xbox LIVE Rewards program, which we reported last month.

"We are always exploring ways to provide the most value for our members and are currently testing a pilot rewards program with a select base of our Xbox LIVE community in the US," a spokesman told Kotaku previously. "We have no further details to share at this time."

Microsoft has released more details about the pilot program, which is currently underway:

For the next six months, the Rewards Squad will hook you up with Microsoft Points just for doing the stuff Xbox LIVE members do all the time. You'll score points not only for renewing your Gold subscriptions; you'll get a reward on what you spend on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The best part is, the more you spend, the more you get, and for each month you stay on Gold, the higher your monthly reward up to 5% of your Marketplace spend.

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    So my account which has been renewed 6 years over on gold and has only just renewed last month accounts and will prob get nothing?


      Actually, we all get nothing..
      "you must be a legal resident of one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia"

    Any idea what they are speaking of when they refer to 'program surveys'?

    and of course this will never happen for any live users outside the US.

    Is this Us only??

    Why only the US? COME ON MS, BROADEN YOUR DAMN RANG!!!! I have been a Gold Member for ages, give us some love.

    heh, I meant to type RANGE. consider this an edit.

    Only in US? Ohk now that sucks!

    Did anyone genuinely expect this to be anything BUT US only? Seriously??

    We're just going to be testing it out for you for a long while!
    MS doesn't want to give you Aussies something broken!

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