Microsoft Working On In-Game FAQs?

Nintendo's New Super Mario Bros. Wii has a thing called "Super Guide". Helps you out when you're stuck. Nintendo will almost definitely be using the technology again, but trademark filings reveal they may not be the only ones.

Microsoft filed a patent in 2008 for a similar system for the Xbox 360, only instead of consulting the game itself for help, it would use Xbox Live to connect to a database and ask other users for tips.

An in-game GameFAQS, then, if you will.

The patent says this system would allow for not just the posting of text guides by tip authors, but also screenshots and videos as well, with any media able to be scrawled on with a digital pen.

Interesting, but then it begs the question; if these tips are available over a paid service, will prominent authors be reimbursed for their efforts?

Microsoft's Answer To Nintendo's Super Guide [Siliconera]


    Quest Helper in WoW kind of does this, so did that book of whatever in Warhammer online.

    I noticed you can buy guide videos on 360 now? pfft, that's what gamefaqs is for...

    Hang on, they seriously need to file a patent in order to use a feature like this.

    The world is actually crap.

    Why can't everything be like it used to when Terms and Conditions never mattered. It's just way too crazy.

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