Modern Warfare 2: 360 Vs PS3 (Part II)

Last night, we pointed you towards some comparison shots showing the supposed differences between Modern Warfare 2 on the PS3 and 360. Problem was, those shots were iffy. Tonight, let's instead look at a proper, thorough analysis.

Lens of Truth have copies of the game on both systems, and have posted an exhaustive selection of screenshots, statistics and rollover comparisons, allowing people who own both consoles to see exactly how the two versions stack up.

The short and skinny of the breakdown is that, aside from some bloom lighting and minuscule framerate differences, both versions are nigh on identical, especially when it came to texture quality.

As you'd expect, what with the stellar job Infinity Ward did on Call of Duty 4, which remains one of the best examples of how to handle a multiplatform release on the PS3.

Which means, as is often the case with these things anyway, the decision on which version to buy will probably boil down to which version your friends are buying.

(For reference, in these shots, the PS3 is on the left, 360 on the right)

Head2Head – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Analysis [Lens of Truth]


    Now all we need is a PC to Console comparison. I'm interested to see how much better the PC version looks compared to the 360/PS3 versions.

    I bought it for pc. Unless you dont have a good pc or not alot of friends on live youd be silly not to. PS3 version doesnt even count. Its my favourite system this gen but third party ports are disgraceful.

      hey just curious, have u experienced any lag so far playing online?

      "ought it for pc. Unless you dont have a good pc or not alot of friends on live youd be silly not to"

      Heh, what tosh.

      I have a good PC, but I'd rather play these games in the comfort of my home cinema, without keyboards and mice on the couch.

      If you like your PC gaming, good on you. But there are plenty of valid reasons why consoles have taken over as the mainstream gaming devices.

        I'm with Womble on this. My PC could run MW2 pretty well, but I'd rather play it on my 360. My PC monitor does 1680X1050 at best, but I have a 32 inch 1080p HDTV hooked up to the 360 and PS3. Combine that with the surround sound speakers, and a preference for playing games with a 360 controller, and there you go.

        Plus there's a lot fewer hackers on the 360 compared to PC. COD4 PC was a nightmare for people using aim-bots and shit.

        Nothing stopping you from playing with a 360 controller on your PC.

          There isn't, except the cost of M$' bullshit adapter. lol. Also it's just not the same. I just bought Dragon Age for Xbox and if I buy MW2 it will be for Xbox too.

    I bought X360 version coz' its unmetered xbox live online bandwidth with iinet. but i bet PC version will be much better looking than consoles with all the new powerful graphics cards and processors around....

      The iiNet unmetered traffic is only for the product download, updates and other content. Point to point traffic (including comms to game servers) is still metered and counts towards your download limit.

      Having said that, the amount of traffic generated by the game in a multiplayer session is pretty minimal, so unless you're on a very strict limit you should be fine... :)

    The only difference I'm seeing is that the PS3 version has it's brightness level too high?!
    What a joke.


    This is what gets me. Hands down, the PS3 has the grunt. Yet when it comes to multi-platform games, it always seems to be the PS3 that seems to luck out. Just look at Ghostbusters and Bayonetta.

    It's starting to seem like developer laziness where the develop on one platform (most likely super computer like PCs) and then port to the other platforms without testing.

      "It’s starting to seem like developer laziness where the develop on one platform "

      It's nothing to do with laziness, for the most part.

      It's about money, and time. Even by Sony's own admission, it's harder (and thus more expensive) to develop for the PS3.

      In a typical PC-based project, you have a core engine which is threaded to take advantage of common hardware. It's a well-known arrangement for developers, with (relatively) well established practical issues and solutions.

      On the PS3, however, in order to get the "grunt" from the PS3, you really have to work a lot harder. You have to farm out the work to the SPUs, essentially in assembler (well, not exactly, but the SPU's won't take any old C code you throw at i), with a rather tragic 256k memory limit per SPU. Then you have to work with the limitations of the PS3's GPU and memory architecture, which becomes hugely important if you plan on doing a lot of alpha overdraw.

      This means that your typical PC engine has to be REWRITTEN, extensively, to take advantage of the PS3's engineering. And even then, you're not guaranteed to do anything more than be roughly equivalent to the 360 version.

      The very best PS3 games have had tens of millions of dollars and years of development thrown at them. Not coincidentally, these companies just happen to be owned outright by Sony...

      The average PS3 game, on the other hand, doesn't have such an advantage. Most developers cannot spend 3 years and 60 million dollars to make a game. They have to use an existing engine. And they have to make compromises.

      If you want someone to blame for PS3 game performance, don't bother blaming developers. Blame Sony.

    Is it just me or do they look a lot different. I could tell the 360 one was on the right and the PS3 was on the left. The contrast is much better in the 360 one and it looks as though there is less compression in the textures. The PS3 has far less jaggy edges and the geometry looks softer and more natural. Apart from the shadows looking a little too light I think the look better on the PS3 with softer edges. I can say they do not look exactly the same to me.

    there are lots of varibles to consider when compairing graphical capabilities of both consoles, TVs, resolutions, quality of HDMI cables, console display settings, PAL or NTSC or even progressive or interlacing scan types can all alter picture quality in some way. In most cases with multi-platform games that only people with trained eyes can actually tell the difference but most will say both look the same.

      they aint no such thang as a quality HDMI cable. it's HDMI or it aint HDMI. thats it, thats all there is.

        no man hdmi cables make a massive differance they are whats carrying all the info from your console to the tv better cables carry more quicker

          Nope, Cat Tactics is right. $20 HDMI cable will be as good as a $200 one.

          The only possible problem is if you want a ridiculously long cable, it might be a better idea to go for an expensive one.

    Hmmmm, Dunno Womble,

    I got a 46" monitor on my PC and a freakin comfy chair to boot. Gimmie the better grahpics and controls anyday.

    This is coming from someone that has all consoles.

    So yeah, I agree with Michael. Mebe your monitor sucks hence why u wanna use your tv and experience shittier graphics.

      I have a 3metre wide projection screen and would rather play on my console than on my PC, I have a quad core with a 4870, not the latest and greatest but good enough, but PC gaming tends to annoy me, there always seems to be some fiddling to do.
      I have the PS3 and the 360, but I bought on the PS3 for free online play.

    i why is the ps3 version always sooooo bright! if someone goes through the display settings, they need to change the rgb full range to full from limited. it will look "crisper". trust me.

    To me, the 360 version looks a lot clearer. It looks like i'm looking at the ps3 version through dirty glass.

      Yeah I think the Xbox 360 Version is better as well. The PS3 Version dosn't look that great next to the Xbox 360 Version. My dad has it on PS3 & I have it on the 360, The matchmaking is pretty good it finds the best connection out of the 50 games it finds online & then puts you straight in. Its really quick & there are alot of Guns & upgrades & a whole lot of new stuff, like Equipment, & you can use the Helicopter guns. Its better then I expected.

    The only reason why we see these differences is cause they are next to each other. Otherwise they are both great!

    Obviously looking at these the 360 looks better - but you wouldn't notice or say anything playing the game on either console.

    Cause its not like the graphics are weird, its just the lighting really. But yer - if a 360 fan like myself played it on the PS3 even minutes after playing it on the 360 - there wouldn't be anything to notice differently. Its just when they are side by side like this can you see any real and small difference.

    The PS3 screen capture is definitely too bright. The shadows aren't nearly dark enough. It can probably be adjusted in the game display options.

    Strange that they didn't sync the black levels between the two games. It should have been the first thing they did.


    This comes as a great blow/benefit to me as for some reason my $750-4000 HDTV or second-hand CRT doesn't have any options to change these settings independently.

    Anyone notice all the comments are just the exact opposite of the last article, in the last article the xbox version looked slightly bright, then in this one the ps3 version is too bright, its clear, they are the same game and the only way you will get better graphics is with PC, though your gonna have to put up with aweful servers.

    I actually prefer the look of the PS3 version, it looks more like a photo to me, the 360 version looks like a game. Games tend to be too contrasty, just like a lot of current films. It grates on me after a while. People think it is 'clearer' but that it like turning the treble up on your music, it sounds 'clearer' but is unbalanced and gets on your nerves after a while. All said though, I just did a very slight adjustment to the brightness and contrast to bring it just one notch towards the 360 version and it looks about right to me.

      Perhaps you should invest in a PS3 game known as Afrika if you want your "game" to look like photographs.

    Again, like the last article about this.. The difference isn't enough to sway me either way. I bought the 360 version of MW2, and I have COD4 on the PS3.

    I could get it for pc, but probably can't max the settings out, so ps3 version! here I come!! :)

    I got the PS3 version, i can tell you that the brightness is not what it shown on the comparison image. Like some of you have mention, someone went into brightness option and crank it up.

    Just played all 3 on the same 50" plasma . The Pc version just looks the best Perfect! You can play at full 1080P and 16x anisotrophic filtering. These screenshots are kinda weird though the games dont look anything like this.

    1.Pc Perfect textures .Fog looks fake on pc
    2.ps3 great fog effects no dark fake looking shadows and no washed out sunlight got this 2 weeks ago .Anitilsing is kinda a problem on a bigger screen you cant really tell if you play on a 32" hdtv. Fog looks kinda like on the pc but bright colors are washed out and you lose detail"strong sunlight on guns or walls or ground is were you see this effect
    4. Ps3 vs Xbox? Hmm well I would say that the Ps3 does a way better job on the realism of shadows and fog along with a little better atilising. Fog effects is what I think makes the big difference.

    5. Look at the Second picture . You can tell the Xbox version has no Fog affect on the right side of the pillar and it just has a lot of contrast. The pc version and ps3 both show dirt that is being picked up from the car in front . The Ps3 can produce more realistic shadows and dirt affects than the pc version for sure and you can tell.

    6.These screenshots are to low def for you to tell what im talking about. All 3 versions are great but if you play on a big hdtv go for Ps3 or Pc version.

    7.Load times . Hmmm I guess their the same xbox might be like 2 secs slower you cant really tell.

    Also .

    The pc version can reproduce more colors than both xbox and ps3 but you dont really see that . Dx10 color realism is not as good as the ps3 version wich kinda impressed me of the ps3 . The xbox seems really bad when it comes to this giving you what seems to be 1 shade of color and sunlight reflectionn of guns and clothe just seems way better on ps3.

    I am disapointed that they didnt do a good job on pc version when it came to color reproduction. its like playing at 16bit color vs 24bit color . You wont be able to tell unless u can compare all 3 side by side.

    Most of the people in these sites are biased LUNCHBOX 360 fanboys. I have the PS3 and on my HI DEF. tv with the brightness correct looks nothing like the garbage shot shown here. I have played the 360 many times and usually can not enjoy any games as much as the PS3 versions. Not even close. The 360 seems edgy, sharp, and flat in ways almost like there is no realistic polish like the PS3. Again Modern Warfare 2 looks so much better in my house on my tv and way better than the 360's shot on here too. Its evident this was doctored. PS3 always wins hands down. I have owned almost every system, am 34 years of age and have spent countless hours in hardcore gaming. So naturally I look for the best experience!! Its not the LUNCHBOX 360. Sorry, fan boys.

      what a load of bull this is, pictures for PS3 blured courtesy of xbox fan boys. I have both units and I can swear on anything that I bought it first for my 360 at eb games then saw it on my mates ps3 and swapped it. It looked 10x better on the ps3 than it did on xbox. I hate articles like this. Probably written by some tool in Microsoft. I will NEVER buy another xbox unit again, was only good for Gears of War. I think Microsoft has enough monopoly, don't wanna see them take the gaming market too.

    I have the PS3 version and it looks nothing like that screen shot above. There is a 3 box system for setting the brightness of the game correctly when you first boot it up on a PS3. They obviously didn't do that.

    zomfg you guys going with the 360 are retarded.... whenever people do graphic comparisons, they always have the ps3 have RGB limited, when its RGB full it looks waaaay better than 360!!!!! people who do graphic comparisons and have the ps3 look like crap, they're 360 fanboys who make the ps3 have RGB limited to make it look bad.... and super-white option on helps RBG full too

    ROFL this images are crap, obviuosly u can tell especially in the second photos the picture quality in the photos, they fucked the ps3 photos, u can see around the edges(not the edges itself) the boxes of bad quality imaging, while in the xbox its in good quality, the image qualities are fucked, personally lean towards ps3 but i mean, when ur really playing a game u really dont pay attention to the graphics detail by detail :D ps3 ftw, i mean ps3 has better physics, i wonder if they put 1080p for the ps3 which is max settings, if u really want to see the difference.

    i think the ps3 version of cod mw 2 looks blurry and washed because of the brightness. it can be changed in the settings.

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