Modern Warfare 2, 360 Vs PS3

Modern Warfare 2 is the year's biggest game, and it's a multiplatform title to boot. And those kind of games always beg the question: which one looks better?

Those sensible types, the ones after a comprehensive run-down of the game across PS3 and 360, cataloguing stuff framerate, lighting and motion, will have to wait for the first reviews to start trickling in. Sorry. Those after a quick hit of superficial screenshot comparisons, however, are already being well catered for.

German site videogameszone have posted a range of screens comparing both console versions of the game, and while they can't show how the game looks in motion, they can give you a quick look at how the two versions shape up.

As you can see, in these screens, the PS3 version looks a little... flat. However, since the first Modern Warfare remains one of the best-performing multiplatform games on the PS3, remember: these screens probably don't tell the whole story. And hey, in one or two, the PS3 turns the tables and looks nicer than the 360 version. So go figure.

The above shot is probably the most informative, however, there are plenty more at the link below.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Grafik-Vergleich zwischen PS3 vs. Xbox 360 [videogameszone]


    I thought unless you're comparing textures, placing two high res images side-by-side was pointless?

    This is like the 3rd or 4th time recently that PS3 uses have gotten shafted. They need to balance out these ports.

      like it's been said below, it's probably identical, and just tv and console settings that need adjusting. having played both MW on 360 and PS3, I can tell you that in no way is one version vastly superior to another. (besides the online services, but that's totally unrelated to performance. IW has made sure that both versions are as identical to each other as possible.

    the character really pops in the 360 one, but i kinda like the ps3 environment. considering it's a snow storm, the kinda blurriness/faintness really immerses the feeling of a blizzard

      Blurriness? Just look at the top background of the ice cliff. The PS3 has detailed texture that you can see clearly, where as the Xbox has bloom covering the texture.

      Last time I checked bloom is what makes blurry.

        lol blurriness was a bad word.. I couldn't find a proper adjective..

    Holy crap the PS3 has some serious N64 fog going on there...

    PC will look better than console, fact :P

      Enjoy spending more on a video card than a 360 costs.

        Hehehe, what? $200 should do it...

          $200 are you kidding a $37 9400GT could max this game on a higher resolution than 1080p.

          My 6 year old computer ran COD4 on my 24" screen. Console people always say that because they're fucking numpties. You only need to spend big bucks to max games that push graphics, the Quake 3 engine...doesn't.

          And you can buy a whole computer setup (screen/keyboard/mouse/OS) that will run everything out at the moment maxed for about $1500, how much do you spend on a TV for your consoles?

          Right now a 1GB 4870 is less than $200 and mine runs Crysis on Very High 2xAA 1920x1200. Kinda makes me wonder why I'm saving for a 5970.

          You console boys can take all the stabs you want at PC but you tend to prove one thing; you have no idea what you're talking about.

            Pardon me, 9500GT $45, its the 8400GS thats $35 which would probably still do it anyway.

    what about PC? Is it excluded because it obviously looks better than both? I had heard that MW2 PC version had no way to adjust your graphics

      Not the case thankfully, but I couldn't find anywhere to enable developer console.

    The only difference between the two images appears to be the brightness and contrast.

    Play with the image for 2mins and Photoshop and you'll have them looking identical.

      Heres the link for it.

        Well opening that picture makes me think the PS3 version looks slightly better. Mainly the background and environment.

        The 360 version looks a little bright on the contrast. But the face detail looks a tad better on the 360. Other than that, pretty much the same.

        I agree with others when they are probably exactly the same by a margin of 1% difference and it settles down to TV/Contrast & brightness settings. Even in-game settings for the brightness too.

        Then again these look a few frames apart from whatever cut-scene it is in. Anyway, either way they both look good and i'm gonna get it on 360 anyway purely cause of XBL and the controller! OH and i have pre-ordered so a little late! haha

        Then again - like everyone is saying, they have made the PS3 and 360 IDENTICAL to not piss anyone off. Cause its more of a Console game rather than PC game right PC players???

    these arnt screenshots at the same time cos the face is different

    I think until we see it in motion in hi-res video, these still shots are pretty much meaningless.

    Considering there's a snowstorm the ps3 one looks more realistic in my opinion.

    Apparently the two versions are identical, it is in fact the colour/contrast that is affecting the ps3 version in that pic, according to IW anyway side by side they're identical.

    But here's a question that has been on my mind for some time... What will the pc version look like? more importantly, how well will it be optimized? Sure you can argue that they will make it good and to trust them on it... but still, im just curious as to what the pc will play like. Both visually and through the feel.

      according to IW P2P servers pown dedicated

      of course there gonna say that they dont want people whinging

      only thing is that these arent taken at the same time(notice mouth) which as stated earlier mean one of them is partway through some blizzard moving on or off the screen

    which console will offer dedicated server support for PC?

    Funny, in the small screenshot on this page, the PS3 shot looks washed out, click on it though and see the full res picture and the PS3 image looks much better than the 360 version.

      If they had been taken of the same time then I would agree, however that's not the case (look at the expression on his face). They seem to be on par with each other, Go 360!

    Looks like Kmart have broken street earlier today. Have receipt to show:


    With games like this, I honestly don't care which looks better. My pc can't run it at maximum specs anyway, so I have to revert to PS3 because I do not own an xbox. I had the first one on PC and my mate had the ps3 version. I saw there was a difference between the two but my attention soon turned to something else: The awesomeness of the game!

    In the picture with the gun with that sonar detection screen, you may notice that the gun in the PS3 picture is slightly closer than the Xbox (the Xbox pic has more gun stock viewable).

    I would have thought that the PS3 has reduced field of vision to reduce hardware strain, but if you look carefully at the computer screen, they are the same size in both pictures. Is this due to gun bob or did these German dudes warp the images.

    They look identical in terms of everything except the contrast... like MW1... when you're playing it on your own TV and your own settings, you won't notice the slight washiness of the PS3 version... but in shots like these at least, the 360 almost always has better conrast and deeper colours.

    I'm gonna be shamelessly biased here and say that even if it looked twice as good on PS3, I'd still get it on the 360. Because of Xbox Live of course. The difference is negligable though, and when you're playing the game on either platform, the graphics don't even register. That is unless you're only trying to justify your choice of console.

    Anyone who's gonna proclaim one version better than the other based on the MINOR graphical differences is a brainwashed fanboy...

    I think these comparisons are biased, if they actually adjusted the picture on the TV they probably would look the same.. the PS3 image looks like its just too bright, so it looks washed out.

    Hell, unless one version of the game is borked, then it doesn't really matter if one has a slightly better framerate or sharper colours. No one plays them side by side. It's only if one is glitchy or doesn't play properly that it actually matters.

    who cares its a great game and grapics don't matter for either platform. You will know what i mean when you get to play it like i have. SPOILER this scene is repeated twice with two outcomes throughout the game. but still good too watch no matter if its360 ps3 or pc

    It's not enough of a difference to change anyone's buying preference. Enjoy the game fellas, regardless of what console you have.

    well i think having the face dimmer is better, since your in a snow storm, your not supposed to see that clearly.

    Hows ps3 looks flat, its has more of a dynamic range of colours as its using hdr while 360 is cleary using bloom, i guess ps3 seems flat but its creating a more realistic light with a greater range of lighting while xbox using bloom and it just brightens/make everything glow to create depth which makes its look like plastic...

    sure if im right that means ps3 will have slightly lower framte rate but if xbox used hdr it will be even lower

    also note that ps3 has a visible sky thanks to hdr

    The only possible difference between the two, besides the tv settings, would be the rendering, unless the developer knows what they're doing. It's completely illogical to not use the same assets when making a game for multiple platforms.

    This is simply a case of 'seek and ye shall find', when in fact there's nothing to find.

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