Modern Warfare 2 Breaks Pre-Order Records

The game that has sent the competition scurrying into 2010 looks set to break all kinds of sales records when it's released next week, with Modern Warfare 2 setting a new mark for pre-orders at GameStop.

Speaking with USA Today, the chain's executive vice president for merchandising and marketing, Tony Bartel, has revealed "As of today, the number of pre-order reservations we've taken for the game is the highest for any title we've ever sold in our 6,200 store network."

As a result, he's on record predicting the game will be "the biggest entertainment launch of all time". It's OK, Halo 3. You had a good run.

'Modern Warfare 2' invades Game Hunters [USA Today]


    and ofcourse, this isnt considering PC is it. none of these statistics cover it. they're always "excellent" and "amazing". For xbox/ps3, ofcourse they would be: those systems are getting the same dedicated server lacking game as always.

    I just commented on another post. At 5.15pm today Kmart received an email recalling all COD:MW2 copies. I can't confirm but I believe the stock had arrived today.

      PS this could be to protect the street date but I can't confirm that much. I'll guess we'll find out soon.

    um wasn't GTA IV the biggest entertainment launch of all time? or is Luke Plunkett just comparing it to other first person shooters

    For console anyway. I've not heard much about PC sales/pre-orders.

    Fair enough to say it will break Halo 3's record - but will it break GTA. It does have the extra platform (being the PC) - but GTA is KNOWN worldwide. I think COD brand is creeping up that list. But GTA is liked by nearly everyone. FPS, RPG, Fighting & Horror - they can all sit and play GTA.

    You have TPS that dislike playing FPS and vice versa. Same with RPG fans not like shooters etc... But GTA has this WOW factor that a lot of people can relate to by experiencing a lot of entertainment from it.

    No doubt MW2 is gonna be BIG! Well done if it smashes the GTA record and no doubt it will smash the Halo 3 record, considering there are more 360 and PS3 owners now than 2 years ago. More people to buy the product that is a sequel to game already on both platforms.

    I'm not trying to make excuses etc.. cause i'm gonna be at that midnight launch for MW2. But yeah i'm trying to justify some points INCASE it don't smash the records. And i think placing GTA instead of Halo 3 in the article would be better considering GTA smashed Halo 3's already.

    Oh and the question also remains if MW2 can have the longevity like Halo 3. Well DUH! But COD4 still is in Top 5 on XBL - but it never really overtook Halo 3 only for a little while. MW2 will too, but when it all dies down like they all do, will it take that #1 from Halo 3 or will Halo still reign?

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