Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters Banned On PC

According to Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling, a large number of Modern Warfare 2 players on PC were banned over the weekend for using cheats in multiplayer matches.

He says around 2500 Steam accounts were targeted. That's a lot of cheaters for a game being played on controlled servers and over Steam, which has fairly robust anti-cheat routines.

Then again, it's a proportionate number; 2500 may sound like a lot, but for a game as big as Modern Warfare 2, it's a tiny percentage of the overall market.

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    Yet... I ran into an aimbotter and speed hacker about 2 hours ago... Great work Bowling... Great work... -_-

      It's because they are using "Valve anti-cheat" tech, one look at any of the CS games would tell you that that's a bad idea.

    I wonder if by "cheats" they're referring to people who figured out how to run quasi-servers & the like?

    total and utter failure. This means one of two things:

    Their anti-cheat system that is SO FANTASTIC that adding the ability to manually vote-kick cheaters would be a waste of resources is failing or

    They are banning people for running dedicated servers.

    Never going to buy this fucking game

    I have been playing for a very long time and have never ran into any cheaters, been accused of it though!

    Now if only they could ban people who throttle their connection when host to screw over everyone else.

    I've run into quite a few people cheating but more prevalent is the amount of full prestige accounts floating around..

      Khan somepeople have no life plus they rip threw the challenges which does help

      and if they were on one of the console servers (`) that had like infinite ammo and that im pretty sure there a command to change XP per kill in there same as they did for the powerlvl servers in [email protected]

      but if they cheated for it does it really effect you anyway

    This is why I will never play a PC game online. It's bad enough getting owned by someone truly better than you, but it is infuriating to deal with lame dickless cheaters.

      Most Pc games have dedicated servers, where the admins can ban the whores who hack/cheat. Limiting these guys to servers which are not being patrolled.

      And even games with matchmaking system or Peer to Peer, usually have a votekick system... But this game... Is ridiculously outdated... at times

      You make it sound as if people don't use cheats or hacks on consoles. And don't say "but hardly anyone cheats on consoles" because I could say the same thing for my experiences with online PC games.

        Well there are significantly less cheaters on consoles. CS is full of cheaters, MW2 is out for what a few weeks and there are cheaters. I haven't played TF2 so I don't know about it. But then on console, Halo 3 didn't have cheaters until they released the map packs that people could hack, which was quite some time after the game had been around. Same thing for COD4, ways to cheat were only discovered months after it head been released.
        It's always a lot easier to cheat on the PC.

      well mate, IWNET suppose to stop all this hacking and was SUPPOSE to make your day1 experience so much better...

      OR... was IWNET a way for them to CHARGE PC users for Map Packs etc....?

      Aint that the truth.
      even now the game is full of losers who cant win any other way.

    I've come across a couple of laggers on xbox. They're pretty obvious though and easy enough to call out and avoid.

    HA, suck it you losers. No more COD for you. We're all winners and don't need you cheats coming in thinking you're better, cause we all no you're not. The only way you can get ahead in life is by scamming you're way around things and trying to screw other people over. That's why the rest of us are at the top of the ladder and you're aaalllllll the way at the bottom.

    I've only seen one cheater, which I've seen 3 times online for one match each time, his name had like A A A A with weird characters between. Basically he aimbotted up to 25 kills, though he still died a few times, but it is obvious when you look at a window see him firing at someone far off in another direction, then all of a sudden you die from that guy (insta turn + HS). All he did was 25 killstreak then nuke, and leave.

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