Modern Warfare 2 Could Have Had Aliens, Zombies

Absurd excesses aside, Modern Warfare 2 likes to keep thing pretty straight. Real men, real weapons, real countries. But during the game's development cycle, Infinity Ward were open to things of a quirkier nature.

"In the beginning we talked about having things in Modern Warfare 2 like outbreaks, viruses, chemical warfare, and even outlandish things such as aliens and the living dead" says Jesse Stern, one of Modern Warfare 2's writers.

"We worked our way through it before we finally ended up with a more grounded version of the real world as it's depicted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. And as we were kicking around scenarios for conflict, we kept stumbling into things that were happening in real life, which was honestly unintentional."

The living dead? Where have we seen that before in a Call of Duty game...

The above quote was pulled from a longer interview over at GamePro. If you want to read more serious, thoughtful words from a man responsible for Russian paratroopers in a burger store in Virginia, hit the link below.

Modern Warfare 2 writer: "the airport level was a risk we had to take" [GamePro]


    Because we all know how "realistic" Modern Warfare 2 already is...

      yeah, kinda like the Classification Board know how "realistic" killing zombies, sorry, "infected humans" is.

    "The living dead?" - Exactly. Couldn't possibly call it Zombies now could we? Cos thats what Treyarch do.

    And we couldn't possibly copy their local search preference for multiplayer either, hell no.

    If only they were open to radical new ideas like... Dedicated Servers?

      or the ability to kick players

    I bet they'll release it as DLC.

    Why do I find it hard to believe they considered any idea other than the print money by making a second Modern Warfare title?

    it's ok mr Waffle, please keep thinking hard while others try to enjoy the story of mw2 and its improvements. Other games even have up to 9th or 10th title, and people keep buying them. So there you go, something for you to keep thinking hard

    I like the realistic sentry guns and impenetrable plastic shields.

    That said, riot shield>every sniper on the map. I was capturing flags like nobody's business!

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