Modern Warfare 2 Gets Dedicated PC Servers (Well, Sort Of)

So Infinity Ward ditched dedicated servers for the PC version of Modern Warfare 2, eh? It's of little consequence, as it hasn't taken hackers long to enable a workaround, bringing the feature back.

And here it is, in action. Whether it's actually better than IW's present solution is another matter, but really, that was never the point here. No, the point was just to show IW's decision could be reversed, and that point has been made.


    What are the chances IW will patch this out?

    I think it's great that people have found a way around this bullcrap but if Activision don't want it, I'm sure their willing to keep it that way.

      i doubt it.

      activision gains nothing by patching out the dedicated servers hack, while on the other hand leaving it to run may generate more sales from dedicated server hold-outs.

        IW does have two reasons to stop this.

        One is that it still counts as a ranked xp granting match possibly giving players who use them an unfair advantage at leveling their chracter.

        And two Activision wants to monetize only play for the Call of Duty franchise. Much easier to do now that dedicated servers are out of the picture.

      If they patch it out, the hackers will just update it. Pirates/hackers are always ten steps ahead of developers. Good developers learn to cope with the pirates instead of trying to stop them

      Infinity Ward thinks they control the universe.

      Seriously, IWnet is disgraceful, especially if you are an Aussie/european

        Two steps ahead? More like one step behind.

          one step behind lol more like sitting at the startign grid whilst the hackers have already done 13 laps

    Hurrah for hackers.

    how bout we just have local matching on xbox please

      In my opinion - and please don't take this the wrong way, it's not a personal attack on you or anything - if you buy an XBox or any other console, you're buying it under the condition that you're going to play that version, and only that version. PC owners who buy games can mod them as much as they want or can, cause it's easier on PC. So buying a console game and then asking for a modification is sort of a kick to the groin.

      I'm not being unfair or anything, its just that console owners (from what I've seen, anyway) tend to be more obnoxious towards PC owners. That's all.

        Asking for local match making is not asking for a mod, it's sometihng IW should have inlcuded and an update they should add. It was in CODWAW. Being in a room with 10 Aussy's and 2 Americans/Europeans guess who has red bars/Lag.... thats the kick in the groin.

    This is just a modified P2P client hosting this from what I've read, using console commands to allow connection via IP and the like. Not a proper dedicated server as such (so it would presumably take up a player slot still).

      its more a step in the right direction

      here by dedicated servers i assume they mean customisation of the game

    What made MW good was the exp you get when playing to lvl up. Not playing on official servers will not result in your account gaining exp, so whats the point.

      That's true no doubt, but the online play via IWnet is pretty badl especially by pc standards.There's also no justifiable, or in my case seeable, reason as to why there isn't the ability for dedicated servers.

      Apparently you can play it on IWNet servers. And customize experience you get per kill...... XD

    It's obviously better or a step towards being better than and you know it.

    Unfortunately you're soulless 'journalists' who only publish articles written by game PR agencies and pretend they're your own writing.

    COD MW 2 as is is broken for every customer in Australia. XBL p2p, PC p2p it's a reaction twitch shooter!!!!! You can't lag out and have an enjoyable experience!

    Well, xbox live works great here in australia. I dont know how iwnet works tho

      Considering maxping is set to 800 by default, I'd say not very well at all, considering 400 is unplayable.

    Guess what?

    IW have patched it out already.

    Unfortunately, they didn't move fast enough to stop people from discovering hidden game types that we will probably see in the next DLC pack.


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