'Modern Warfare 2 In 60 Seconds' Is 1:15 Long

Not a speed-run, but this Zero Punctuation-style rundown of Modern Warfare 2 provides a Cliffs Notes to the story for those who bought the game just for the multiplayer. For those who bought it for the singleplayer, bigtime spoiler alert.

That means don't press play if you don't want all the story highlights, plot twists, outcomes and the conclusion. Otherwise spend a minute on this and then get back to your Search & Destroy and your perks grindin'.

Modern Warfare 2 in 60 Seconds [YouTube]


    i give him props at least his story is more coherent than the ramblings in the game

    LOL @ finish the fight and the knifeing at the end

    the vid is still 60 secs... there's a 6 second title and 8 second credits at the end... :)

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