Modern Warfare 2 Locked Until Thursday For Steam Customers

Time for a helpful public service announcement: if you've pre-loaded a copy of Modern Warfare 2 on Steam, you won't be able to play it later tonight like everyone else.

Yes, while anyone buying a boxed copy of Modern Warfare 2 on PC had only to wait until November 10 (i.e. now) to play the game they already own, if you've pre-purchased the game over Valve's Steam service, you have to wait a little longer.

Despite both games employing Steam as a means of DRM — hence the lockout — Valve confirmed with Kotaku today that customers purchasing a copy of the game over the same system allowing retail buyers to play on the 10th have to wait an extra two days until Thursday, November 12. In Valve's own words:

Those who purchase the retail copy will be able to activate and play the game on November 10 via Steam.

Those who purchase on Steam will be able to activate and play on November 12.

We asked "uh, why?" and have yet to hear back from Valve, though we suspect it may have something to do with avoiding the rush. We'll update if we hear anything more.


    Lol I went and bought my copy this morning, been playing it for hours. Thats like a 2 day delay! wtf! Dont worry, the campaigns not bad but the multiplayer isnt as good as cod4

      yeah i';m sure multiplayer will get better once dedicated servers are up.


    With the insane digital price I doubt many people are worried.

      True that

    i got it on pc boxed.
    damn works great, no problems on steam
    friendlists is awesome

    no lag, instant matchmaking!

    Valve just ensured that I will never buy another game through them. Enjoy the last dollar you're going to make off of me, Valve.

      valve isnt doing this cause they hate their customers...this is probably something activision dictated to valve so they dont undercut retail

    No thanks, ridiculous steam price all but confirmed my boycott.

    LOL @ pc!
    even retail pc copies are having issues. thank god for my PS3. no such issue here.

    I think their Steam price is justified. The Aussie dollar nearly matches the American dollar So over steam we'd be paying $.0001 for the game, where in retail we would be paying $75 - $100.

    Activision have increased the Steam price to closely match the RRP so our retailers don't get pissy at them.

    Nice to know the retailers stabbed them in the back by breaking release dates.

      what are you talking about?

      "So over steam we’d be paying $.0001"
      stay in school

    Dont forget the Steam price is not set by Valve. It is Activision that set it. As you can see EA have kept Dragon Age at $50US but COD MW is like $88 US

    I prefered my $77 Aus from Dicksmith all the same

    I am so annoyed. Bought the retail boxed version (UK) of the game in the early hours. had to wait until Steam hit the hour mark in the USA to activate product. Now having to wait ages for the game dload/update through steam. Could be an age until I actually get to play something I paid for today. F*****G Joke.

    Kne I should have got the PS3 version, at least I would then be playing it on not waiting on Steam.

    Steam price is set by Activision.

    Remember when COD4 came out? It was the same price as the Orange Box at the time - 49.95 USD - for a couple of days, until Activision kicked up a stink and demanded Valve up the price.

    Considering MW2 is now locked into Steam (you can't install MW2 without using Steam) it seems like a set partnership now.

    Very frustrating that this wasnt clear when I purchased the game. Especially seeing as most shops ended up letting people buy the game prior to the agreed date.

    Ive used Steam for a long time, and this really feels like I have been tricked.

    Any comments from someone at Steam as to why we are waiting?

      You were tricked?
      when you purchased the game it says "this game unlocks on the 12th of November, appoximately 12 days, 10 hours 14 minutes and 12 seconds from now"

      which part was the trick?

    My pc is better than youre ps3 brad lol at you :] Try playing crysis oh wait you cant ;] And i paid to play now not in a few F%*^& days last retail game i buy linked to steam. Thought i learnt the 1st time.

    Sounds like some people got their first lesson in capitalism but for those who don't get it let me lay it out to you: Corporations like Valve and Activision do not care about you or anyone else except themselves and their shareholders. We've all seen it time and time again - big game/content producer shits on your parade and you get majorly pissed off "I'll never pay a single dollar to you again", "You've lost me as a customer for good" but you probably know it deep down that that sentiment can't last for long and that you'll be back next season to be fucked over all over again. The fact that they can continue to pull this shit is testament to your coming back.

    GBH: By "tricked" I just mean that on the pre-order purchase it said to pre order, start downloading and play it the as soon it is released.

    I get its my fault for not checking to see if the Steam release date was the same as the general release date.

    Even more frustrating is that lots of shops released it earlier than they planned.

    And with regards to other users Steam issues - I haven't had any problems with Steam for the last 5 years I have been using it.

    Activision and Valve... 2 game companies I absolutely HATE. Activision for this year surpassing EA as the biggest, most "evil money-grubbing" company around, and Valve for continuing to release Half-Life 2 mods as full priced games. And for refusing to support/develop for the PS3. Not that I would personally want to play their crappy games on a PS3 anyway, but it's the idea of it that annoys me.

    The real headline is that a lot of retail copies (and steam preorder copies) simply do not work. I cannot play this game that I purchased from JBHiFi because steam wont install the game properly. I get the same error from both disc install and downloaded install attempts. The support is completely inadept telling me to try reinstalling steam, which obviously I have done many a time. Kotaku should make a headline drawing attention to this to pressure a fix to be made for all of us affected by this tremendous screw up.

    This thread has some people with similar experiences

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