Modern Warfare 2 PC Multiplayer Capped At 9v9

PC gamers may find one more reason to grumble about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, as Infinity Ward has confirmed that the maximum number of players in the game's multiplayer mode has taken a hit from 32 to 18.

That's been the norm for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of previous entries Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: World At War, but considerably less than previous iterations for the PC. Infinity Ward's Mackey McCandlish and Vince Zampella confirmed that 9-versus-9 multiplayer battles would be the max going forward to the chagrin of a few PC gamers already feeling burned by the switch from dedicated servers to the service.

McCandlish explained that an 18-player cap was related to "the number of players we focused on when we were balancing map size, perks, classes, challenges, etc".

That lead to one fan venting in the Infinity Ward developer Q&A session hosted by Best Buy's Geek Squad. "Please explain how a 9v9 match is a multiplayer experience? I'd have more fun serving lunch at a local nursing home," complained a user named "Axen".

Man, there's such a fine line between Modern Warfare 2 team deathmatch and food service for invalids.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Live Chat Session - Transcript [Best Buy Forums]


    There's no point even complaining anymore. Infinity Ward could shit in a box, label it "Call of Duty" and it would still break all existing sales records.

      Console records but there the only ones that matter these days anyways

        The only PC games which are competitive with console game sales are WoW, the Sims and Half-Life.

      That was very funny, but sad that it's true.

      Activision make low moves like this and stepping over their customers in general, to be rewarded with more sales and profits than ever before.

      So true. The only reason to buy it on pc now is because the controls will be better.

    haha since when will there be balance in a TDM anyways

    IW ruined the game that everyone was meant to buy if they wwere a PC gamer but noo not anymore

    9v9 would be practical for S&D and thats about it

    ahh well i have dragon age borderlands god of war collection uncharted and brutal legend among others all stacked up from Uni exams so i dont need there pissy 6 hours SP and broked MP

    This is really getting beyond a joke.

    I give up. I'm just gonna go back and play CoD4. And maybe pirate MW2.

    far out i hope the maps are small or its gonna be nothing but a sniper fest...

    Ohhh that's cool I thought it was only going to be 8v8. I can't wait to play this boring multiplayer. There is a reason I never played multiplayer cod 4 on my 360 and stuck to my pc version. I wonder if all the maps will be first to "insert low number here". How many people are going to stick with COD4? I know I sure as hell will.

    I must admit that I do prefer the smaller team games. It's good to know the game will be better balanced for it.

    Dedicated server thing still sucks. Good luck making new friends in this game.

    god PC players are whingers. I personally think 6v6 is good, 9v9 just gets too chaotic

      is your favourite game Halo?

        Are you a whinging PC player who is upset that there is no Halo 3 port?

          I have to admit I'm with g1 on this one.
          I played COD4 on PC for the last 2 years and I always tried to find TDM server with max 8vs8 as the map are not large enough to let you play correctly with more opponents.

            I think it comes down to how I feel like playing at the time. Sometimes I really feel like an intense blast you can't really get that from an 8v8 match. some maps I would rather play 4v4. Taking that away is not a good thing though.

    I'm calling it now, MW2 is going to be pirated more the Spore.

    Although I don't mind smaller teams (I rarely join games that go over 12 a side), it's yet another bad move on their behalf. Any PC gamer who buys this version is either not well informed, doesn't have a console (and deperate to play without resorting to...dodgier means of obtaining the game) or insane.

    I really don't think there's going to be a call of duty 6 for the PC after this.

      I am going to try to speak your language. I am sure you will understand.

      Wha Wha Whaaa Wha Whaaaa sniff. Wha Whaaaaaa? Wha whaaa Whaaaa! Dedicated servers WHAAAA WHA! Not all of us cheat. Whaa sniff. Gonna pirate sniff get back at IW. Whaaaaaaaaa! Meanies. Mouse is better. Whaaa. Console players dumb.

      You are annoying. Get used to it or play something else. Just SHUT UP! I used to have your side but your "community" has alienated me. IW should not release it for PC period.

    Quote for Truth:

    "Man, there’s such a fine line between Modern Warfare 2 team deathmatch and food service for invalids."

    That's another slap in the face for PC gamers. WTF is going on at Infinity Ward? 'No, no, we have tons of many, we don't want any more'

      *many = money

    This is too funny really. I mean i feel for ya PC players. They have really squated all over you and just let out their grog bog from saturday night.

    This obviously proves that more games, or the COD series anyway, which is one of, if not the most popular FPS on the PC - is more of a console priority now. Developed for console IN MIND and all others are, well, just read about MW2 PC.

    The next thing they will be announcing is the price of DLC for the PC version. It wouldn't surprise me considering Activision know the DLC is gonna be huge and a sh*t load of $$$ for them and it figures trying to get some $$$ from what PC players they have playing the game.

    Then again, i'll be playing this on console for a more expensive price cause we pay more for our games and then i'll be paying for DLC no matter what. So then again, i couldn't care less!

    Bungie actually KNOW and have BRAINS when it comes to releasing DLC.

    also the 25 kill streak nuke is an instant win for your team

    While the 9v9 cap was the most shocking statement of that chat, it easily takes a backseat to the following quote:

    "Moriarte: Ignoring, is the PC version a direct port of the console version?
    Mackey-IW: No, PC has custom stuff like mouse control, text chat in game, and graphics settings."

    ZOMG I CAN USE MY MOUSE IN MW2!!!!!!!!!!

      DUDE! Not only can we use a mouse, we can text with chat like those new fangled Messanger programs, Man, I haven't seen text chat as a perk since the 90's! OH and we can adjust the graphics.....

        I dunno bro, graphics settings seems waaaaaaay too technical and geeky for me. They should just, like, replace all that confusing stuff with a "make it look awesome" button. Now that I think about it, why even bother to have custom settings for graphics? Consoles have gotten by without them since, like, forever.

    Why are they putting restrictions on a PC game??

    I have a felling IW are going to be forced to patch the game and allow for dedicated servers and higher player count servers anyway.

    I'm still getting it for the single player, but I'll just stick to CoD4 for multiplayer.

    Infinity Ward really dropped the ball on this one.

    Oh jeez.

    I was willing to give IW the benefit of the doubt, and judge how multiplayer performs AFTER the game is released, but a cap of 18 players max is definitely a downer for me.

    I prefer playing a COD4 game with 24+ players over a less-than-20-player game (except in Shipment). More chaotic = more fun.

    Things are looking worse and worse for MW2 on PC...
    Still getting the game though.

    PC gamers are just being whiny hypocrites over this. Everything you see happening here, the dedicated servers, the reduced size matches... you brought on yourselves by being so apathetic towards actually paying for your games. I'm not going all "oh, piracy is immoral" on you, I'm saying... that for a platform that a minority of gamers proclaim as universally superior to... well, anything else... you're the ones that are making developers "consolize" their games, and turn from predominately PC devs to console devs (id, Epic, Crytek, Remedy... Much?)... and you're also the ones directly responsible for the PC gaming industry's demise. As it is right now, developers are only porting games to PC out of common courtesy, and PC gaming is essentially only kept alive by WoW, Counter Strike, Star Craft, and a few other old games, as well as stuff like The Sims and Second Life. So whinge all you want, you are the ones "dumbing down" your own games which you all spout as so damn superior.

      It's not like games do terribly on the PC. It's just that the consoles outshine them. A post on Kotaku once said that CoD 5 (or 4?) had sold 700,000 copies. If we're conservative and say $50 a copy, that's $35,000,000 in revenue. So not exactly chump change.

      If companies actually gave a damn about the players on the computer, it would completely increase and revolutionize their game.

      Take valve and blizzard for example. Valve has constantly updated, been active and been incontact with their community, keeping them happy, keeping them thinking. Like the Meet the team videos for Team Fortress 2 and the Posters with hidden links, which leaves the community speculizing, what is going to happen next.

      Then there is blizzard, with their amazing quality, support and content. Always keeping players happy, with new patches, fixes and not to mention massive content updates and expansions.

      These 2 companies lead the example in our gaming world, with their support. Wow Triumps over any console simply because of the support it gets and the userbase which is supporting the company, Win - Win.

      Same with the Half Life Series/Source Engine. More people buy it because, they want the mods, they want the quality games, they want community support and they want entertainment, where they won't get stabbed in the back. *Cough* IW *Cough*

        But there you go, Blizzard and Valve are also probably the only two companies who have been able to dodge the piracy thing... and only by keeping their grubby hands all over your software. And even then, all Valve's new releases are on consoles as well, or 360 at least, and that doesn't look like it's going to change. I don't think they can afford not to release them on consoles. Then you look at companies like Crytek and id who are choking to death because of piracy... now turning to consoles to be their saviour. From any angle you look at it, consoles are taking over the hardcore fast...

    Looks like I'll be sticking with Resistance 2 and Killzone 2.

    what the hell happened to COD.
    This was the game to get because it worked well at lans, had co-op in the last one (which is awesome) and we are still playing them at every lan now (big or small).
    Now co-op is gone (pretend mode doesnt count), dedicated servers gone so easy to manage, fast lan games are gone. 18 player matches instead of max 64 (ouch).
    Likely now they will throw in that you must be on the internet to play. Good luck any lan organiser willing to put a internet connection up at their personal download cost.
    What happened to 'what the customer wants'?.
    It is like they decided to scrap all the good things that got them the fans/sales in the first place and rely on their name to save them so they can push the console market.

    back to cod4 zombies :D

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