Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Controller Faceplate Review

Among the bounty of Modern Warfare 2-themed Mad Catz accessories are vinyl faceplates for the official PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 controllers.

Is it worth buying a piece of plastic to slap onto your controller? Let's see.

Loved Fanboy Look: If you're a big fan of Modern Warfare 2 and want everyone to know it, this is a great way to do that. The vinyl faceplate snaps tightly onto the controller leaving very little to tell it's an aftermarket add-on.

Feel: Once locked in place, the faceplate doesn't really change the feel of the controller at all. And that's a good thing. The only seam you'll notice lines up with where the controller halves are screwed together, so it even looks like your controller came splashed with Modern Warfare 2 art.

Hated Flimsy Alone: If you plan on not leaving this faceplate on all of the time you'd better be careful where you store it. The thin vinyl feels like it could snap if bent, sat or stepped on.

I'm not a big fan of customising my gaming equipment to advertise a particular title, but if I were this $US15 faceplate seems like a pretty good option.

Modern Warfare 2 Combat Controller Camo was developed and produced by Mad Catz for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 10. Retails for $US14.99. A camo PlayStation 3 faceplate was given to us by Mad Catz for reviewing purposes. Played several games for several hours with the faceplate snapped onto a controller.

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    im pretty keen on getting the ps3 mw controller but this is just pointless. it adds zero value or benefit to the controller. if they came out with a full snap on case for the ps3 though, that would be a different story ;)

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