Modern Warfare 2 Selling Just Fine On PC

Proving that the Modern Warfare 2 "boycott" was more hollow tantrum than actual boycott, Infinity Ward have revealed that the PC version of the game has been outselling its predecessor.

"The PC version of Modern Warfare 2 has actually outsold the PC version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in its first week", IW's Robert Bowling posted on the company's message boards. "Making it the most successful PC version."

The quote was made in response to claims that the PC version of the game accounts for only 3 per cent of MW2's total sales, Bowling adding "Essentially, all this percentage proves is that the console versions sold great, not that the PC version sold poorly".

3% of overall sales [Infinity Ward]


    Well it looks like their ploys to force gamers in to buying the console version worked.

    I made the mistake of pre-ordering the PC version too early. I trusted Activision and IW to deliver, but they failed. I'll never make the same mistake again.

    give us dedicated servers then?

      Why? Seeing that it outsold CoD4 on PC what's the point? Some people are never happy.

    For a moment there, I really thought the PC gaming world was better than a whole bunch of empty threats but I guess I was wrong. You all fail at boycotting...ok, I'll be fair, most of you, not all of you fail at boycotting.

    Why would you -ever- trust Activision?

    That just means more idiots purchased it.

    It name brand recognition. Just like Apple products, the layman bought one and was satisfied. But then they have bought the "brand" and it doesn't matter what they do wrong, they will trust them blindly and continue to pay out the companies wealth.

    Even worse is the many people I saw say, "I'm a pc gamer and the things IW and Activision have done is disgusting... But I'll buy it anyway."


      it also shows for the people who are migrating from the 360 to the PC which was the whole point of changing to non dedicated servers because they had to much difficulty in finding a server

      i have 4 friends who switched to PC for MW2 and the whole server thing doesnt worry them

      Some popular things are popular for a reason. They are good.

        i planned full well to boycott it but since my birthday was on the 12th guess what i got as a pressie

        wasnt even gonna botha trying to argue with EB about returning it cos theyd have said no its a steam PC game F'OFF

        6hours SP on veteran ( i thought you know 6 hours plus deaths but no thats including them) spec ops was dissapointing(i mean its just recycled SP from 4 or MW2) that was finished completly on veteran in 10 hours and now theres MP Laggy, and HC is gone from most game types and S&D goes for a measly first to 4 with half as many point as you get in a TDM

        and then IWnet has its random bitch sprees where it matches you with the same 10 people then goes fail cant make game and does it again and again and the only way ive found to break the loop is to change game mode

        and migration always seems to go to the guy who had the worst ping before migration which then turds the server anyways

        its not popular because its good its popular cos CoD4 was good in my mind ignoring the whole Dedicated server thing MW2 only deserves half the praise of CoD4

      Once you get down off your high-horse up there, you might want to take account of people such as me.

      I was outraged, at first, about all the issues regarding the PC version. "How dare they," I thought, "me, a loyal PC gamer, having to share the same market-place as a console gamer? The very thought!"

      But, then I thought to myself: how much joy and entertainment has Infinity Ward given me in the past? I have purchased every single on of their games. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every game they have made, all the way back to Medal of Honor. They at least deserved the benefit of the doubt.

      So, I grumbled a bit, but moved on. I kept my pre-order. I got it a week after release.

      And you know what? I was very pleasantly surprised.

      Multiplayer works fine except for the occasional hiccup, which ISN'T enough to disrupt my overall enjoyment. Single-player campaign was a blast, and spec-ops is just plain awesome to play over Steam with my brother.

      I know I will get eviscerated for this post, so I say: bring it on. You may think me a heathen, a traitor to the PC elite, one to be cast down amongst the non-believers. I don't care what you think.

      All I know is, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, gave it a chance, and now I'm very glad I did.

        But Andrew, where do you draw your line?

        When they force you to use a 360/PS3 controller instead of keyboard and mouse?

        When core game play elements are altered in favour of balance for the console versions?

        When they start to ban modders/mapmakers for making 'unofficial modifications' to their game?

        When updates and DLC become console exclusives?

        When PC versions are delayed for months and months?

        When they decide not to make PC versions at all, because consoletards will buy dog shit if it has CoD written on it (Case in point: World at War)?

        What this 'boycott' has proved is that either the hardcore PC gaming community is much smaller than we thought, or that PC gamers will cave instantly to developers.

        Both are very troubling, as the PC gaming community are the driving force behind innovation, balance, and generally knowing what a good game is (case in point, Counterstrike's rise from 3rd party mod to one of the most popular FPS's of all time)

        We're heading towards a future where developers snub the PC gamers and develop simpler and simpler gamers for their 'casual' console audience, which will inevitably backfire when it finally hits the casuals just how shit the games have become, and they go back to riding bikes or playing football or whatever.

        Then we have another video game crash

          I don't draw a line.

          To me, a game is a game, no matter what system. The PC platform has some brilliant gems that aren't released on consoles. The Total War series? Dawn of War? Crysis? Warcaft? Starcraft? Diablo?

          I could go on.

          A video game is a distraction from life. It is something to draw you away from your worries and the daily grind, and let you experience things you would not normally see or do, and grant you enjoyment at the same time.

          The fact that some games are skewed towards certain platforms doesn't enter into the equation. If you want a game enough, you will play it on the system of your choice. I wanted MW2 on PC, I got it on PC. I wanted Borderlands on 360 so I got it for the 360. I'll be getting Assassin's Creed II on the PS3.

          PC gamers are not a hardcore elite. There isn't such thing as a "caste" system like so many would like to believe. If you play a game on ANY system, you are a GAMER. You are not a "console fanboy" if you play games on a console, nor are you a "loyal PC gamer" if you play exclusively on PC. You are a gamer.

          I have a massively powerful computer, two working 360s, a PS3, and access to a Wii, so I am not biased at all towards any one system.

          I am a gamer who chooses not to make mountains out of molehills.

        Infinity Ward didn't make Medal of Honor, brah.

          The core Medal of Honor team left to form Infinity Ward.

    Are they counting the ones they banned recently?

    I'm happily keeping up with my own boycott. Modern Warfare 2 will not grace my PC or 360 with it's presence!

    Although my personal reasons are less server related and more "shitty and short campaign" related.

    ....I bought the pc version because i like pc controls on fps and i had no idea of the boycott... its a good game besides non dedicated servers and no leaning.

      Precisely.. compared to other games released.. it's still much better..

      despite the servers and the lack of lean..

      Boycott's are pointless. Just be thankful they're not EA and move on.

    what a surprise. fanboys hate any type of change

      Im not a fanboi in anyway shape or form.. I still believe the move from dedicated servers is a retarded one..

    Meh I boycotted the game and still am. And to be honest I'm much happier sitting here playing CoD4 on PC with the extra $80 still in my wallet :D

      Im with you mate. I'm still doing my best to not purchase it. So I reinstalled Cod4, which included downloading, 7, yes 7 individual updates. Why they cant all be rolled into one I dont know... Anyways, then I had to manually update punkbuster. But after those minor hassels, I've been back on cod4 all week, reliving the speed, fun and many laughs you get online. Going to play through until I hit level 55 once again (lost my old profile), so far I'm back up to 33 and loving it.
      If I see you in a server (same name as here) say hi!

    Whatever, I'll still never buy it. *goes to BC2 website*

    I hate steam ... steam is the devil.

    Activision: There there, gamers. Don't think to hard about things, just trust us. We know what you actually want...

    They don't have my money, and they won't. I'm not afraid to say that i didn't buy this game because of IW's attempt to force me onto the xbox. If it's free(someone buys it for me), i'll play it, but i won't even bother to pirate it.

    I havent bought it (and i was looking forward to it)

    But whatever InfinityWard - that doesnt proove that your system works.

    Pfft, well they're still yet to convert my sale.

    Modern warfare 2 has outsold MW1 in terms of $ NOT IN COPIES. When asked about the actual amount of copies sold on PC ROBERT BOWLING DID NOT COMMENT.

      Are you an idiot? MW1 has been out for years. MW2 has been out for weeks. Sigh PC fanboys ruining things for everyone yet again. You say you will boycott it, but you buy it anyway! Why should we care about you bitching if you pay them money anyway? Harden the f#$k up.

    I was angry about the changes they had made at first, but also decided to atleast try the game. Despite the lack of this and that I've found the game extremely fun, and the multiplayer rewarding.
    Yes, there are no 'communities' to speak of and clans atleast at this stage are basically useless, the game still is good. Lag is perfectly fine 90% of the time, only had a few host switches mid game (takes about 30secs).
    Bottom line its really like the console game with a few differences, those being (obviosuly) you get the mouse + kb support, and in general (as it is a pc fps) the skill level is quite unforgiving for newcomers. You go down quick whereas the console version is a tad more forgiving (everyone is slower)

    I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that MW2 had outsold MW1 in the first in, comparing the first week sales of MW1 and MW2, MW2 had sold better; NOT that MW2 has allready sold more copies in its first week than MW1 sold in two years.


        Heh, perhaps I should have added, I for one had fully intended to buy MW2 until the dedicated server issue arose, at which point I decided not to.

        I had 2 friends and a nephew on board to get the game for the PC as well. They have also passed up on it thanks to the consolification of the game.

        MW2 may be doing allright on the PC, but you can be certain it would be doing a lot better if they had not eliminated dedicated servers.

    this is bullshit, its just because the hoards of midless drones that follow hype around everywhere bought it, it could have been a turd with COD stamped on it and all these people would have bought it. and then there are the poor people who pre-ordered it. rightly so to expect the game would be atleast as good as the first!?

    as far as i can tell, its a game thats been made worse in every way to the first one with very little new to offer. a 5 hour cinematic that's cost of 6 times a movie ticket makes you wonder,

    that was sold at $90US on steam... when you could go into JB and get it for $80AUD with a box and manual.

    it is a real tragedy that they got rewared for their actions.

    I liked the single player, but I won't spend more than $20 on it.

    Yes, but it still doesn't mean PC users are happy about no dedicated servers.

    Its number 5 on amazon's website. The boycott is working, IMHO. If it wasn't then it should be number 1.

    Its only sold better thanks to the insane hype the game had. Im willing to bet that alot of hardcore gamers did boycott/pirate the game (I did). Just think the sales could have be even better if they wernt arseholes about it.

    I think pirating of mw2 will be much greater than mw1 espesicaly as you can get the pirated version working online to some degree.

    Makes me laugh that people think pirating only happens on PC at least 600 000 pirated cod's on xboxs lol for shame...

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