Modern Warfare 2 Sells 1.2 Million, In One Day, In One Country

This should give you an idea of what to expect during next month's NPD figures: it's been announced that in the first 24 hours on sale, Modern Warfare 2 sold 1.2 million units in the United Kingdom.

Seeing as almost any other game on the planet would take 1.2 million as a great worldwide figure, for a month, for Modern Warfare 2 to have managed it in a single country over a 24 hour period speaks volumes as to how much cash is flowing into Activision HQ right now.


    As much as I love Modern Warfare 2, part of me wants there to be some unpatchable bug that requires a global recall just to see what would happen.

    Meh, i'm not impressed with MW2, way over hyped and the multi player is way over done... graphics are mediocre, no improvement from COD4, and campaign mode is relatively short and really not that engaging, I skipped alot of the cut scenes after about 4 or 5 missions because I found the whole story rather boring, ahh well at least I'll trade it in towards Assasins Creed 2 in a couple of weeks.

      You had me nodding in agreement until you said Assassin's Creed 2.

      I would argue that anyone anticipating AC2 has no right to judge any other game harshly.

        say what now im actually one of the people who loved the first assassins creed repetitvenes and all (although that was its second biggest flaw first being unskippable cutscenes) now it seems theyve fixed the repetivness and for all that is holy if they didnt fix the unskippible cutscenes ill right ubisoft off as a bunch of brianless morons FOREVER (asin never purchase a game of thiers again now i know your thinking this is harsh and ubi made great games but they cashed in thier prince of persia PS2 Xbox trilogy brownie points when they mad prince of persia current gen and made it so you cant die)

        i strongly agree.

      I agree with some of what you say, its not as good as COD4, its more like COD4.5 or something :P that may sound stupid until you consider the story took me under 5 hours my first time through and I wasn't even rushing! Thats expansion territory, not full game territory. And really all the multi player additions could easily have been an expansion too.

      Of course in terms of budget its well well out of that territory but I was expecting more.

      The cut scenes you skipped honestly were wth. They throw so much information at you so quickly and jump around all over the place 90% of people would have no idea whats going on.

    That's like... 2% of the entire country who bought Modern Warfare 2...

    Fuck me...

    They sell that many copies.... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ yet no Dedicated servers? Activision and Infinity ward can't offer to rape it's customers for a fee and not provide DS.

    Basically it's a new SP mode on COD4 with extra gimped MP.... No Thanks

    Any news on the australian sales figures yet? And how many were sold on each platform?

    man, aussies were fucked into buying this game twice price

      hmmm how do you work that out? When most retailers are offering it between $79 and $89. At a USD $50 ($53AUD) it doesnt work out as being twice as much by my math. A third perhaps but what surprise is that? It's the norm for games in this country/region. I'm convinced now that this is a contender to beat Halo 3's sales record and become GOTY!!!!!!!

        Most retailers are selling it at $99 AUD.

          oh really? so dick smith is $77, kmart $79, big w $82, target, myer, jb hifi, wow sight n sound all at $89. EB & DJ's $99.95. looks like my math is correct again.

        Halo3 is still the no.1 game played on Xbox live, CoD4 slagged after a year to no2-4. I doubt this game will hold the momentum considering its actually a crappy game.

      It was being sold at 59USD in the US, you can buy it in stores here for 79AUD. Seems fair to me.

    COD4 campaign wayyy better and longer. More interesting. This one just seems like they tried to add so many BIG moments and explosions but failed miserably. And the ending was so wanna-be COD4 it just sucked. They added the throwing knife to show off the feature which kinda sucks anyway personally.

    But i don't wanna compare online cause i find them to be COD but different from one another.

    Either way KEEPING IT! But yer, they had 2 years to make the campaign so much better. Dev's just get lazy with campaigns these days.

    @Jay yell spoiler alert please and dont ruin it for people. Idiot

    Peopel who say Modern Warfare 2's campaign isnt engaging then you better sit yourself down infront of a mirror and really look at yourself

      I agree totally. Game defines the phrase "short but sweet". Most modern day movies don't have plot lines this engaging and action packed (as gaping as some of the loopholes in MW2 were). And that is before you touch Spec-Ops and Multiplayer.

      But to each their own I suppose.

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