Modern Warfare 2 Ships Three Million... In One Country

Need an idea of just how big Modern Warfare 2's launch has been? Here's one: Over the past week, Activision shipped three million copies of the game... to the United Kingdom.

Yes, while most other games on the planet would be happy to ship one million copies across the entire planet, three million units were sent just to the UK, a nation with a population of just over 60 million. So when you consider there are over 300 million people in the US, 33 million in Canada, 80 million in Germany, 21 million in Australia... yeah, you get the idea.

There are a lot of copies of Modern Warfare out there. Wonder how long it'll take to sell them all?

3m MW2 shipped in to satisfy UK demand


    way over supplying here, if you can...wait and snap up some bargains in a month or 2

      no need, go to Kmart. Got it for $79.

      Other places have it cheaper. Dick Smith $77 and Big W is $78 i think.

      Won't be that price til after Xmas i say IF it even reaches that price so soon. Usually with Kmart & BIG W. They sell it first week cheap and then yank it up to $100 with the odd sale every now and then when they lower it. SO get it while its hot. If you haven't already.

    Also, isnt UK the unedited version? Bet lots of Australians are importing...


        no australian version is not edited

    Well I generally help those UK sales including MW2 ;). I don't mind waiting a week because the price is right.($64 included shipping on PC).

    the Australian version Isnt edited... is it?

    also the population of Australia is 22 million

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