Modern Warfare 2 Steam Release Bumped Back & Forth

PC gamers choosing to get their Modern Warfare 2 fix through Steam were expecting to have to wait until November 12 to fight the global virtual war on terror. As of right now, they'll wait a little less.

While the Steam release of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is bizarrely being held back — the PC version shipped today via traditional retail means — it appears it will now be unlocked November 11 at 9pm PST. Oddly, the game was momentarily pushed back until November 13 earlier today, which we're guessing was some sort of temporary scheduling snafu.

We've reached out to Activision and Valve reps about the delayed release and the new less-delayed release, but haven't received comment back.

Cross your fingers, PC gaming community. The digitally distributed version will be Oscar Mike soon.


    The PC version in the US at one stage had listed the 14th :S so yeah its being thrown around... At least the preload is now live :)

    still saying the 12th nov for me (australia)...

    'nuff said.


      - comes on one of those fancy discs you don't see anymore, too. You know, with the little booklet and case.

      Just import from the US and UK steam... $30 AUD cheaper... and its not against steams policy :) thats what im doing

    It'll be good to see how many people will be playing this on PC 2 months from now given all the c*ckups leading up to it's release.

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