Modern Warfare 2 US Midnight Openings

More than 500 Best Buys and 4200 GameStops nationwide will be hosting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 midnight launch events next week.

The participating Best Buy stores will start selling Modern Warfare 2 at 12.01am this Tuesday. GameStop tells me that 4250 of their 4360 stores will also be selling at midnight and that they plan to also have "lots of fun activities" for waiting fans.

What platform will you be getting it for?


    Prestige 360 baby! As soon as I take that bad boy home the night vision googles will go on, and never go off.

    Well i wont be attending the aussie midnight launch cause ill be getting it for a much cheaper price at kmart! LOL
    i know it will probably be worth playing the $89 or $100 at Game, EB or even JB. But i can wait those few hours, sleeping makes time go faster.

    And to me, its not like the Halo launch anyway. I've already experienced COD4 which MW2 is going to be exactly like (which i have no problems with that). But Halo 3 was the first 360 Halo game so it was excitement all around.

    although competitive mw2 is gone, it will still be fun with the single player and casual multiplayer...

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