Monday's Breakfast Wrap

Apple Scroll PastriesGood morning! Here are the top stories you missed over the weekend.

Valve Rolls Out Patch For Left 4 Dead 2 Dismemberment not added.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Glitch Discovers Fountain Of Coins, Youth Woohoo!

Modern Warfare 2 Selling Just Fine On PC But finer on Xbox 360, PS3.

Valve Bans Grey-Market Modern Warfare 2 Keys For breaking the end-user license agreement.

A New Look At Borderlands’ The Zombie Island Of Dr. Ned Gearbox leaves apocalyptic wasteland 4 dead.


    Hey did anyone else see that ad on channel 7 (I think it was 7...... we channel swap a lot) for Left4Dead 2 last night? It was promoting it and the xbox360, and said the game is 'out now'

    Is there something I missed? Has Left4Dead 2 been released here in Aus after all???

      You best be trollin'.

      Anyway, yeah but it's censored and you arn't getting uncensored unless you're on PC.

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