More American Homes Play WoW Than You Probably Think

Terrifying statistic incoming. According to research performed by the NPD Group, 14 per cent of American homes have an online game subscription. Not 14 per cent of homes connected to the internet; 14 per cent of homes.

That figure covers any and all games requiring a subscription, so don't go laying all the blame at World of Warcraft's feet. Spare a little for EVE, Age of Conan and LOTRO as well.

"Despite concerns that the recession would cause consumers to reduce spending on entertainment subscription services, most forms of subscription entertainment are doing just fine," NPD's Russ Crupnick said in a press release. "Consumers are clearly looking to the value offered by entertainment subscriptions and like what they get for their money."


    I hate to say it, but a lot of those are probably runescape or other crappy browser mmos, not wow or another mmo, though wow is probably the biggest portion.

    the article mentions home having online subscription. runescape and other f2p online games dont need subscription, hence probably aren't included.

      The majority of Runescape is P2P and it's only ever had the F2P majorly updateded a few times.

    Does it have to be PC? Cause technically isn't Xbox Live a paid online subscription if you have a GOLD account?

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