More Call Of Duty Movie Talk Bubbles Up From Soap Himself

Were Activision to pass on creating a Call of Duty-based film, it would be leaving millions on the table. Not their style. That's why more chatter about a possible Call of Duty doesn't surprise, especially coming from "Soap" MacTavish himself.

No, not the video game character. We're still pretty good at discerning reality from fantasy. The voice of "Soap" in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, actor Kevin McKidd, tells the New York Post that "there are talks of a feature film" based on the franchise. Which is hardly concrete, but backs up previous speculation that, yes, a Call of Duty movie is happening.

It's not really a question of if, but when, especially if Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward has more time on its hands to dedicate to side projects.

Exclusive: 'Rome' & 'Call of Duty' movies on! [NY Post]


    would call of duty make a good film? assuming the plot is taken from the games, there's nothing really to differentiate it from all the other war movies.

    And Rome! Nice link!

    It's Hollywood - they'll use the COD title and branding and come up with their own story which will be the usual action movie grind.

    In the unlikely event they actually use the two MW games for the story it would be cool but they would have to do COD4 first or MW2 wouldn't make much sense otherwise to movie audiences. But a movie following the British SAS around for most part probably wouldn't appeal to the US movie execs. Nor would having a nuke go off in the middle of a US army either come to think of it. Just imagine the opening scenes of MW2... yeah the 'No Russian' scene on the silver screen. Censorship boards wouuld have a field day.

      All the censorship boards could do is slap an R18 rating on it. thats the problem.

      Hell, it would prob get an MA15 because the movie studio would put so much pressure on them.

    Will it come with dedicated server support?
    More importantly will there be a prestige edition bluray that comes complete with stereoscopy glasses?

    If neither I will be starting a boycott petition!

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