More Zero-G Fun With Shattered Horizon

More Zero-G Fun With Shattered Horizon

Futuremark delivers even more zero gravity first-person shooting gameplay in this new clip from Shattered Horizon, due out for the PC tomorrow via Steam.

The last clip Futuremark released was nice, but it didn't show much of Shattered Horizon's actual combat. They certainly make up for that oversight in this clip, which is chock full of muzzle flashes and floating bodies.

Shattered Horizon can be preordered on Steam right now for $US17.99, with a pre-loading available for those of you who wish to get right into the action once the game goes live.


  • Damn, I was hoping that shooting would have a propulsion effect, in that you would be sent the opposite direction to where you’re shooting, which would bring in a lot more strategy. Shame. Still going to pick it up, though.

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