MSNBC Talks Terrorism Of Modern Warfare 2 With Totilo

Modern Warfare 2 and it's blockbuster sales are all over the mainstream news this week. And who's there to walk them through the game, and the inevitable backlash? Our very own Stephen Totilo.

Spoilers ahoy, but still worth watching Totilo face off against two non-gamers and hold his own while raising some interesting points.

Oh, and he totally plugs the Kotaku Game Club so now you're ALL famous!


    I'm really quite impressed with how he handled himself. Then again, the anchors were actually engaging in discussion, which was refreshing, and allowed him to make a point without being shouted down.
    It's a stark contrast to pretty much anything on FOX news, which always manages to come across as a glorified conspiracy channel.

    Good on him

    They liked using very strong words when describing the game. -_-

    Stephen handled that very well, he did an excellent job talking about it.

    wow, news hosts that don't force lead the controversy, and actually allowed the interviewee to answer the question.
    I dont think Totilo got across the point that this is not a childrens game enough. Maybe he should have compared it to a movie/book where there are bad moments to bring in the emotion in the story.

    However the most objective news story ive seen yet.

    Wow Stephen. I hardly rated the whole "testing the PS3 with the 5 senses" stuff, but KUDOS to you!
    I couldnt have put it better myself

    Damn, that was good. I was immediately expecting more of a OH HEY YOU SHOOT CIVILIANS IN THIS GAME AND THAT'S BAD AND THE GAME IS BAD AND SHOULD BE BANNED AND THE GAMER MAKING VALID POINTS IS JUST WRONG FOREVER thing but that turned out pretty well. The hosts respected him when he was talking and he did a damn fine job of defending not so much the scene, but the developers who put the scene in.
    Kudos to you, Stephen.

    great job Stephen

    Another thumbs up from me here! That could not have gone better. After hearing so much ignorance and intolerance about video games latley (mostly around the R18+ rating in Aus), it's good to see that there are still people who are willing to listen to and comment on rational argument.

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